Is Your Child Model Material?

The Model Builders are here to give you advice on whether your child could make it in the industry.

Child Modelling 101

A child model is someone under the age of 16. They must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian and they must have their caregiver’s permission. Child models tend to most commonly work for brands selling clothing, toys, holidays, events and accessories.

Child models are required for everything from print and online advertisements, to commercials and catalogues. With such demand, the need for child models has risen. There are plenty of opportunities for child models and agencies are constantly on the lookout for the next rising star.

If you think your child would enjoy a career in front of the camera, get in touch with us. We’ll help advise and educate you on what the industry is looking for and whether your child has what it takes.

Is Your Child Interested in Modelling?

A child’s dreams can change day to day.

If your child is showing interest in modelling, it’s a great idea to give them the opportunity to experience a professional photo shoot. It will give you the chance to see whether they enjoy the experience, and whether they have a future in modelling.

There is no point forcing a child into modelling if they do not like it. An unhappy child will hate the experience and will not take good photos.

What Are the Requirements for Child Modelling?

Child modelling is not like high fashion modelling, which has strict requirements. The requirements for child models is much more relaxed and there is no set height, size or shape. Generally, brands look for children who are not overweight, have good skin, are of average height for their age range, and who have plenty of personality.

Modelling can be fairly demanding regardless of age and there are certain things that make a child more suitable for it:

  1. Personality. Photographers and modelling agencies love a child who is bright, energetic and happy. They need someone who feels comfortable with all the attention on them.
  2. Brave. They need a child who is comfortable around strangers and keen to get things right. They also need to be able to take feedback well and follow instructions.
  3. Energetic. Some shoots can take place over a few hours, but others may take longer. Your child needs to have lots of energy to get them through a busy day of modelling.
  1. Photogenic. If your child shrinks away whenever a camera lens is pointed at them, they’re not going to enjoy modelling. They need to enjoy the experience of being photographed.
  2. Personable. They will have their hair and make-up regularly done by strangers, so they need to feel comfortable making new friends.
  3. Patience. All models need lots of patience as there can be a lot of waiting around. They must also be patient when getting their hair, make-up and wardrobe sorted.
  4. Acting. If your child loves putting on shows at home and play acting, they are likely to love modelling.

What to Expect with Child Modelling

Like all models, child models will be expected to go to casting calls (aka auditions) to find work. Their parents/guardian must legally accompany them at all times. You may need to travel around the country and even abroad for international campaigns. This means your child may need the odd day off school, so it’s in your best interests to have a good relationship and excellent communication with your child’s school.

Your child may have to miss out on social engagements to work, and they may have to do school work on their time off so they don’t fall behind with their schoolwork.


We Can Give You a Trial Run

f you’re unsure whether your child would take to or enjoy modelling, why not try a trial run? A trial run can save a parent a lot of money in the long run as it allows you to see whether your child enjoys the experience of being photographed and whether they have a natural aptitude for it.


We provide professional photoshoots around the country that are perfect for aspiring models. You’ll even get the opportunity to walk home with your best photos – perfect for your modelling portfolio or Z-card.

If you decide your child is suited to the modelling industry, you’ll need a professional modelling portfolio. A portfolio is a bit like a model’s CV; it showcases their range and experience as a model. Your child will need a portfolio to help get them signed to an agency and to help land modelling jobs.

Where We Come In

We provide professional photo shoots that your child can attend for a real-life modelling experience. They can get their hair and make-up done by our in-house stylists, have their photos taken by a professional photographer and walk away with high-quality photos they can use for their modelling portfolio.


Allowing your child to experience a proper photo shoot before attempting to pursue a career in modelling is great for a number of reasons:

  1. It allows us to see whether they have modelling potential
  2. It saves you time and money – one shoot will be enough to determine whether your child is suited to a life of modelling
  3. It gives your child the chance to have an industry experience
  4. Your child can decide whether or not they enjoy modelling
  5. It gives your child experience in front of the camera
  6. It allows you to walk away with high-quality photographs if you decide your child is suited for a career in modelling

What’s more, you’ll come away with a professional portfolio of photographs that you’ll be able to show friends and family, as well as modelling agencies, if you choose to press ahead. If you’re wondering why you might need a professional portfolio, the reason is because talent agencies need to see all the different attributes that a child can offer, and most will be unwilling to organise a shoot themselves.

Do You Want to Become a Model?

If you are interested in breaking into any type of modelling but are unsure of how to get started then register today with The Models Builder to find out if you show model potential.