Do You Have What It Takes to be a Teen Model?

Most top models make their debut whilst in their teens. If you’re interested in a career in modelling, we could help make your dreams a reality.

What Does It Take to Be a Teen Model?

  1. Age. You must be between the ages of 12 and 17. Pre-12 is considered child modelling, while you will be considered adult if you are older than 17.
  2. Permission. You must have your parent or guardian’s permission by law. They must also accompany you on jobs and interviews.
  3. Confidence. It’s natural to feel nervous or unsure, but a confident personality will help you shine in front of the camera and catch the attention of agencies and brands.
  4. Adventurous. You need to be open to meeting new people, going to new places and trying new experiences.
  5. Photogenic. You need to look good when photographed. It’s a bonus if you are already aware of your best angles.
  6. Willing to make the odd sacrifice. A successful model must make time to attend any castings or auditions they are invited to, and to travel to any jobs they do manage to book. This means missing the odd day of school and occasionally a social engagement.

What Do Teen Models Do?


Most teen models work part-time alongside their studies. It’s highly recommended that you finish your studies before trying to pursue a career in modelling. Most teen models are able to balance both schoolwork and modelling at this age, though they may have to miss the odd school day for work. In this situation, your school may give you extra homework to ensure you don’t fall behind on your studies.

Teens are required for all kinds of modelling campaigns including print, online, digital, commercial and high-end. High-end is the most difficult to get into and is strictest about its requirements, while commercial has more relaxed rules.

What to Expect as a Teen Model

A teen model will be required to travel to casting calls (aka auditions) with a parent or guardian. This means your care giver must be fully on board with your modelling career.

A teen model will also require a modelling portfolio to help land them work. A z-card is also a handy tool for aspiring models.

There are many teen modelling agencies that work with young models. Getting signed to one will open the door of opportunities and give you more chance of bagging that dream modelling job.

Some teen models choose to work freelance, but more time is spent finding opportunities and ensuring they are legitimate compared to those who are signed.

How Can The Model Builders Help You?

The Model Builders helps teens across the UK decide whether a career in modelling is viable for them.

We have a strict assessment process to help decide whether you have the right look and personality to make it as a teen model.

We have professional photography studios across the country, allowing teens the opportunity to experience a proper set-up and giving them the chance to walk away with portfolio-standard photographs.

We also provide constant guidance and advice to help point teens in the right direction and give them a fighting chance of success in such a competitive industry.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Teen Model?

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