Are You an Aspiring Model? Here’s Why You Need a Z-Card

All top models have a z-card;

it’s a handy tool that could help open many doors of opportunity. Here’s what you need to know about the z-card.

What Is a Z-Card?

A z-card, also known as a comp card, is a model’s business card. They’re like a condensed, easily-transportable version of a portfolio. The z-card is the size of a credit card and will feature a couple of the model’s best photos, as well as their modelling details like measurements and contact information.

Z-cards have been used by models for decades as a way to give information about themselves quickly to other parties. They’re particularly handy for networking.


What Should I Include on a Z-Card?

Your z-card should have around 5 of your best photos on one side. On the other you need to include the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your age
  3. Your modelling measurements including height, dress and shoe size, plus your bust (or shoulders for men), waist and hip measurements
  4. Your modelling agency’s details, if you are signed to one
  5. If you are not signed, you need to put your personal contact details (phone number, email)

Your z-card needs to be regularly updated, particularly if your measurements change and when your photos need updating. Photos that are ageing or that do not reflect your current look accurately may lose you potential work.

Why Should a Model Have a Z-Card?

There are many reasons a model should think about having their own z-cards:

  1. All top models have a z-card, so having your own will show professionalism and that you are serious about the job.
  2. They show your potential and experience in one small, neat package.
  3. They’re a quick, efficient way to share your information with potential employers.
  4. They’re smaller than a portfolio and easier to carry around at all times.
  5. You can give them away, which saves you time trying to find a pen and paper.
  6. They’re the best tool for self-marketing.

How to Make Your Z-Card Look Professional

The images you choose to feature on your z-card need to be of the highest quality possible.

You should carefully choose the images; remember, they are going to be appearing on a credit-card sized card, so they need to be clear even when small. Avoid overly-complex photos; instead, focus on beauty shots and images that can be seen and understood at a glance. Try to include at least one close-up beauty shot and a full-length body shot.

The layout of your z-card is vitally important. All writing needs to be easily legible and clear.

Your photos should reflect the modelling niche you wish to be a part of. For example, an aspiring fitness model should make sure their photos show off their physique and athleticism.

Why is a Z-Card Important?

You could have the best look and personality our there, but if you fail to market yourself effectively you could lose work and be overlooked for someone else. That’s why the z-card is such an important tool.

Social media and the internet has made networking easier to do from a remote location, but you will still make the biggest impact in-person. A working model will meet hundreds of potential employees and colleagues each week, and a model should always be ready to impress them. Photo shoots, after-show parties, exhibitions, fashion shows and casting calls are all places a model will meet new people.

Your Tool for Networking

The internet and social media have meant that networking is slightly easier to do from a distance, but networking in-person is just as important. Only in person do you have the chance of making a really great first impression quickly with your honest, true self.

A z-card allows a model to speed up the process of giving out information. It’s a chic and timely way to provide yourself with more work opportunities. Knowing people in the industry is vital for success.

Always have a couple of z-cards in your pocket or bag, especially at events and parties; you never know when you might meet someone useful.


First Impressions Matter

Your z-card could be the very first impression you make, and first impressions matter hugely in the modelling industry. You wont have much time to win people over, so a professional z-card could very well make the difference between a fleeting conversation and a lasting impression.

That’s why it is so important that your z-card is professional, easy to read and elegant. If your first impression to someone is an out of date, haggard looking piece of paper with blurry, busy photos and illegible writing, you will look unprofessional and will likely lose work opportunities.

How Can The Model Builders Help?

Here at The Model Builders, we have photography studios around the UK that you can register and arrange a photo shoot at. Our professional photographers can help you take high-quality images that you can feature on your z-card.


Our shoots also allow aspiring models the chance to experience the reality of a professional photoshoot. You’ll receive proper hair and make-up, as well as meet with one of our experienced stylists who will help select a look that’s right for you.

We also provide advice and ongoing support for models who are striving to enter the industry.

What are you waiting for? Registration is free and we can quickly assess whether you are a good fit for the industry.

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