Ready to Become a Male Model?

If you’re ready to take your first steps into the world of male modelling, The Model Builders can put you on the path to success.

The Male Modelling Industry

While it’s true that male models may not reach the same levels of success as female models, there are still plenty of opportunities out there for aspiring male models.

The ever-changing industry is more accepting and diverse than ever before, so if you’re keen to become a male model, now is the perfect time to take those first steps into the modelling industry.

What Does It Take to Be a Male Model?

There are several factors which help male models to succeed:

  1. Height. Male models generally need to be quite tall (above 6 foot), though allowances are made for petite modelling and some catalogue brands.
  2. Smile. Male models need an attractive, bright smile. That doesn’t mean teeth have to be perfectly straight, but they do have to photograph well.
  3. Confidence. As with all models, male models must feel comfortable having all eyes on them. They must also feel comfortable meeting and working with new people, and travelling to new places.

Male Model Niches

Male models should research what modelling niches are available to them, and which they would suit most:

  1. High fashion. High fashion is the most difficult form of modelling to get into as it is incredibly competitive and requirements are strict and difficult to meet.
  2. Catalogue. Catalogue modelling includes most advertisements you see online, in publications and on TV. Because these brands are so vast and their audiences vary so widely, there is a large requirement for many different types of models.
  3. Fitness. Fitness models have an athletic and muscular physique and are commonly seen modelling for gyms and athletic-wear.
  4. Body parts modelling. Body parts modelling focuses on a single body part, for example the lips or the legs. They are required for close-ups. Body parts modelling is a good industry for those who do not meet height requirements, or who have an above-average body part.

Once you have decided which modelling niche is most suited to you, you can begin to approach modelling agencies who match that niche.

What’s Your Niche?

All agencies have different preferences and requirements, so aspiring models need to research which agencies are the best fit for them and which agencies most reflect the niche of modelling they wish to enter into.

If you’re struggling to figure out which type of modelling you are best suited to, register with us today. We can tell you if you have what it takes and guide you as you enter the industry.

Let’s take a closer look at the different modelling niches below.

High Fashion Modelling

High fashion modelling is the most difficult form of modelling to get into. That’s because the brands and agencies have very strict requirements.


Male models must be between 5'11″ and 6'3” in height, their waist should measure between 29-32 inches and their chest should be around 39-40 inches. Don’t worry if you do not meet these strict criteria; other forms of modeling are not quite as severe, so you may still have a career in modelling ahead of you.

High fashion models also tend to be very young. Most start in their teens and work on runways until their mid-20’s.

Most high fashion models have an agency as it is the agency who will find them work.

If you think you have what it takes to be a high-fashion model, register today and we can help put you on the right path.

Commercial Modelling

Commercial modelling is the most common form of modelling and is the umbrella term for other niche types of modelling. A commercial model may see themselves working for a car brand one week and a clothing company the next.

Commercial models do not have to meet as strict requirements as high-fashion models, though brands and agencies still prefer men who are tall and physically in proportion. Commercial models will find that their age is not as much of a factor, so they can enjoy a longer career than many high-fashion models.

Commercial models are expected to reflect their target audience, who is the general population. That means many different looks are required by agencies. Don’t be disheartened if you are rejected by an agency at first; there are hundreds of agencies out there and you can apply to as many as you like.

Catalogue Modelling


Catalogue models are required to work for clothing brands. As there are so many online nowadays, that means the demand for catalogue models has risen.


If you have the right look for a brand, you may find ongoing work. As seasons and collections are constantly changing, catalogue models have plenty of work. Depending on the launch date and shoot time frame, some catalogue models have to work up to 7 days a week to get the images done in time.

If you are interested in catalogue modelling, get in touch. We can tell you if you have what it takes and advise you on how to break into the industry.

Real-Life Modelling

Now more than ever, brands want to reflect their audiences. That means hiring models who look more like the everyday person.

No modelling environment is off-limits to a real life model. From the runway to magazines, real life models are currently seeing huge demand as brands strive to reflect their target market realistically.

Real-life modelling agencies are now commonly found in major cities around the country including London and Manchester in order to meet brand’s changing tastes. This means aspiring male models have an even greater chance of being accepted into the modelling industry.

If you’re interested in knowing more about real-life modelling, get in touch with us now and we can discuss your options.

Mature Models

While high-fashion tends to have an age limit, commercial modelling does not. Brands who cater to the more mature gentlemen need older male models to model their products. As brands are trying to be more inclusive and diverse with their choices, this means the demand for mature male models has grown.

If you’re an aspiring male model above the age of 40, get in touch; you may have a career in modelling ahead of you.

Fitness Modelling

Fitness models have seen huge demand over the last decade as fitness has become more mainstream.

Aspiring models with defined muscles and a fit lifestyle are ideal for this niche of modelling. Fitness models may find themselves modelling things like fitness clothing, athletic equipment, gyms or protein shakes.

Many agencies looking for fitness models do not have specific requirements, but they will be looking for someone with defined muscles year-round and an in-proportion body type.

Good skin and teeth are also beneficial to anyone looking to be a fitness model.

If you’re interested to learn more, get in touch now.

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