Your Professional Modelling Portfolio

A modelling portfolio is a model’s main tool for finding work. It showcases their best photos, allowing agencies and brands to see the experience and range that the model has.


Getting Started

While there are no written rules about having a professional portfolio, they’re a great idea for anyone wishing to stand out from the competition. Not only do they showcase your experience in an appealing way, but they also show your professionalism.


What Should My Portfolio Contain?

Your modelling portfolio should contain up to 20 high-quality photos of you modelling. These should include both up-close beauty shots as well as full-length body shots.

Your portfolio should also include your key modelling details such as your name, height, shoe size, dress size and measurements, as well as the details of your agency (if you have one) and your contact information.

How to Create a Modelling Portfolio

If you’re an aspiring model, it’s unlikely that you will have many high-quality images to include in a portfolio. You will need to hire a professional photographer to help. You will then have to assemble your portfolio, designing the layout and ensuring it’s as good as possible.

It’s a good idea to tailor your portfolio to the specific niche of modelling that you wish to pursue, for example commercial, high-fashion, or body-parts modelling.

The Digital Portfolio

Many models have both a hard copy and a digital copy of their portfolio. A digital portfolio can be kept on an external hard drive or memory stick that you can carry with you at all times. It can also be sent via email.

At a shoot with The Model Builders, you will be provided with a USB Drive containing all your chosen images. When you purchase the images, you are also purchasing the copyright licenses, meaning you have the full legal rights to the photos and the images are yours to use however you wish. You can print these images for your portfolio and put them onto a hard drive for your digital portfolio.

Having full rights to your images also means you can edit and crop the photos as much as you want, which may come in handy if a potential employee requires specific images for an application.


The Printed Portfolio

The Model Builders is able to provide you with a high-quality printed portfolio that is ideal for taking with you to interviews and casting calls.


Each portfolio comprises of 10 to 20 A4 fully-airbrushed photos that you can select from your photoshoot with help from one of our experts. Together, we can choose the best photos that show off your range as a model and give yourself the best chance of success.


Do I Need a Modelling Portfolio?

In a word? Yes! Even top models have a portfolio which they take with them to casting calls and auditions in order to showcase their work. A portfolio shows you are serious about the job.

The more professional your portfolio is, the better. Your portfolio needs to stand out from the crowd. Photos need to be high resolution and the portfolio needs updating regularly.

How Can The Model Builders Help?

The Model Builders can help you build your very own professional portfolio. We have photography studios around the country, allowing aspiring models to practice modelling in a professional setting and giving them the opportunity to walk away with their very own high-quality photos fit for a portfolio.

We also provide ongoing advice and guidance to help aspiring models made the right choices and increase their opportunities for success.

Our portfolios come with 10 to 20 A4 fully airbrushed images of your choosing. At the end of your shoot, you will sit down with the photographer who will guide and advise you on which images are best, allowing you to leave the studio with strongest portfolio possible.

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