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Here at The Model Builders, we supply models with an eBook to help them stand out from the crowd and show off their modelling potential.


What Is An eBook?

An eBook is an online version of your modelling portfolio. You can send your eBook digitally or carry it with you on a hard drive or memory card. Some models also like to feature their eBook on their own website.


Do I need An eBook?

It’s a good idea to have an eBook because it allows you to showcase your talents as a model without having to carry your physical portfolio around all the time. It also allows you to send it via e-mail or online.

An eBook that is hosted on a website also gives you the opportunity to find more work without being represented by a modelling agency.

The Benefits Of An eBook

An eBook is a great modelling tool because it allows anyone to be able to find you and your work. This means your opportunities for work are greater and you have further reach.

An eBook is also a great way to self-market. It can contain all your best photos as well as your contact information should anyone wish to work with you.


Keeping Your eBook Up to Date

Your eBook must be updated to remain relevant and reflect a true representation of you. You need to update it regularly with your latest shots, particularly if you change your look – for example, if you put on/lose weight or muscle, or if you change your hair.

You can keep old photos that are still relevant and in-fashion, but anything that appears old or outdated should be removed.

What Should I Contain in My eBook?

Your eBook should contain up to 20 high-resolution photos of you. It should also include your modelling statistics including your dress and shoe size and measurements, as well as your contact details. If you are signed to an agency, it should also include the details of your agency.

It’s vital that your eBook is regularly updated, particularly if your measurements change but also when your images become outdated or no longer reflect your image.

You should adapt your eBook to reflect the niche of modelling you wish to work in. For example, a fitness model should include plenty of physique and fitness images.

What Does an eBook Look Like?

The layout of your eBook is vital. It needs to be clean and neat to reflect your professionalism, and it needs to keep viewers captivated.


Your eBook needs to be formatted correctly and all written content should be double-checked for spelling and grammatical errors. Even the font you choose to write in is important as it needs to be legible.

Your eBook is your online representation. It needs to reflect your talent and professionalism at a glance. It’s therefore crucial to have a clean and well-structured layout.


Staying Safe

Due to the fact that there are more retailers and independent clothing brands opening their doors across the internet, there has never been a better time to become a female catalogue model.

What’s more, as the seasons, collections, and fashions change, it means that catalogue models are in constant demand as shoots need to take place on a regular basis. As before, a modelling agency will look for a model that reflects the looks and personality of a brand, which is great, as a catalogue model will often find themselves with on-going work for a particular brand.

A shoot for a particular season or collection can take place over a period of up to a full seven-day week. Due to the nature of commercial modelling, it means that it is often considered less glamorous than fashion modelling. That said, a commercial model can find themselves enjoying sustainable and longer careers than models who take to fashion or fitness modelling, for example. We often advise commercial models to acquaint themselves with the advertising campaigns from a wide range of products and brands, as agencies will often choose models that help reflect the needs and desires of the target audience; knowing what you’re up for and against is key.

How Can The Model Builder Help?

The Model Builder are able to help you create your dream eBook. As well as offering professional photography shoots, we are able to help you select the best images that reflect your natural beauty. We can then help you create a professional eBook to help you make the best first impression possible and help you land those dream modelling jobs.

Ready to Begin?

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