Advice For Older Female Models

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In the past, the modelling industry was a primarily young person’s game. But the increase in diversity means that mature models are more in demand than ever. Whether it’s on TV, on billboards or in magazines, we’re finally starting to see a more diverse range of people.

Read on for our top tips on becoming an older female model. 

Different Types of Models

The modelling industry can be broken down into sub-categories. Mature models are a category on their own, but this can be broken down into further niches. You need to work out which niche most suits your personal look. 

– High fashion is the most popular and well-known niche of modelling. It has the most strict requirements to do with measurements and height. It’s very uncommon to see a high fashion model over 25, but it’s not impossible. Most of the mature high fashion models found fame as young women and managed to remain popular and current enough to keep gaining work. Many supermodels “retire” before turning 30 for fear of “past their prime” and losing work – they’d rather make the choice than have the choice made for them.

– Commercial models/catalogue modelling. Commercial modelling has more relaxed rules compared to high fashion. They accept models of all ages because lots of types of models are required to cater to such a large audience. Mature models are required to create aspirational but achievable looks. Older female models will find plenty of work in commercial modelling. 

– Petite modelling. Most female models are 5’7″ tall. Petite models are 5’6″ or shorter. 

– Plus-size modelling. High fashion requires models to fit into a UK size 6-8. Commercial models are generally a UK size 8. In high fashion, plus-size models are considered around a size 10. In commercial plus-size modelling, models are a size 14 or over. 

– Alternative modelling. Alternative models are those who do not conform to conventional standards of beauty. That means they may have visible tattoos and piercings, body modifications, or unusual hairstyles or colours. 

– Fitness modelling. Fitness models are growing in popularity, though they have competition from athletes and Olympic figures. Fitness models need toned muscles and well-built physiques. While there is no specific height requirement, those over 5’7″ will have an advantage.

Famous Older Female Models

Daphne Selfe

– Maye Musk

– Kate Moss

– Jacky O’Shaughnessy

– Carmen Dell’Orefice

– Cindy Crawford

– Naomi Campbell

– Alessandra Ambrossio

What Do Brands Look For?

When looking for an older female model, agencies and brands will have different requirements. However, they are all generally looking for the following:

– Nice, white teeth

– Healthy, thick hair (the colour doesn’t matter – white or grey hair should be trimmed, hydrated and conditioned)

– Clear skin that has been looked after (wrinkles will not prevent you from finding work, but uneven skin or lots of sun damage might)

– A proportional physique and hourglass body shape

– Hard-working and a good work ethic

– Natural beauty

– A certain grace that makes you beautiful and stand out from the crowd

– Comfortable and confident in front of the camera

Finding Work as a Mature Female Model

Now you know which niche of modelling you are most suited for, you can try to find a modelling agency.

Look for a modelling agency online that works with mature models. They should have an application on their website. You can apply to as many agencies as you want, as many times as you want. It’s a good idea to make an excel sheet so you can keep track of who you have approached and when. 

Agencies receive thousands of applications each week, so if you don’t hear back, don’t lose heart – just keep trying. Models do face a lot of rejection – it’s an unfortunate part of the business. Try using different photos with your application to see if that makes a difference. 

If an agency is interested, they will invite you to an audition. This will take place at their headquarters which are usually located in major cities like London and Manchester. 

Looking After Yourself

Mature models have to work that bit harder to make sure they look the part year-round. Even young models spend the majority of their time pampering, pruning and enhancing themselves. 

You must eat well and have a good exercise routine. Not only is this good for you but it will help keep your physique in shape. 

Your skin also needs taking care of. Wear SPF every day to prevent sun damage. Wrinkles are inevitable, but the sun can make them worse. Cleanse once in the morning and twice at night to remove dirt, sweat and keep pores unclogged and skin blemish-free. Follow up with a serum that targets any specific skincare concerns you have, and a moisturiser to keep skin plump and hydrated. 

Make sure you get plenty of sleep each night. Good sleep is vital for your skin, eyes, hair, overall health, maintaining weight and healing muscles after a workout. 

Your Modelling Portfolio

All models have a modelling portfolio – it’s the most important tool of the trade. A modelling portfolio is like a model’s CV. It contains up to 20 of their best photos that they can show potential employees. 

A mature model should focus on having a well-rounded portfolio showing your potential and range as a model. Don’t forget to include some up-close beauty shots to show off your natural beauty. Make sure your photos are current; there’s no point including photos of you in your teens if you’re now in your 50’s!

Your portfolio should also include your modelling information like your measurements and dress size. Make sure these are accurate and up to date. 

Using Social Media

Many models like to use social media, in particular Instagram, to help boost their profile. Mature models can also find success online; it’s a great way to share your look and style and build a fan base. You can even get scouted online if you build enough followers; many models have been approached by modelling agencies because of their social media presence. You can also get lots of modelling experience and earn some cash by working and collaborating with brands. 

Are you a mature model? Do you need some guidance and advice? Register with us today!

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