Beauty Tips for Ginger Models

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Redheads are a rarity. Only 2% of the world’s population has a fiery mane, and even less has the combination of ginger locks and blue eyes. 

Ginger models that meet the strict standards required of high fashion are therefore a commodity. Their unique hair colour, combined with their pale, freckled skin, can really stand out from the sea of blondes and brunettes. 

But being a redhead has its challenges. Such pale skin requires unique care, and red hair needs to be cared for to carefully. 

Read on to discover our top beauty tips for ginger models. 

Apply SPF Daily

We should all be wearing SPF every day – even in the winter. But it’s even more important for ginger models to wear SPF daily. That’s because pale, freckled skin is more at risk of burning and developing skin cancers. 

There are plenty of different kinds of sunscreens for other body parts including the lips and hair. The scalp can be prone to burning, so a protecting SPF hair spray can help prevent this. Lips and eyes are also very sensitive areas of the face that can require their own unique formulas.

Famous Redheads (and Celebs Known for Having Red Hair)

– Christina Hendricks

– Amy Adams

– Isla Fisher

– Prince Harry

– Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones character)

– Karen Gillan

– Ed Sheeran

– Emma Stone

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses with UV protection are an excellent way to protect the eyes and the delicate skin around the eyes from sun damage. Sunglasses also help prevent squinting which can lead to wrinkles. 

Sunglasses are also a chic accessory for nearly every outfit. They’re a great way to hide tiredness or undereye bags from lack of sleep, and they allow you to nip out without feeling the need to apply make-up. 

Drink Water

Like everyone, redheads need to drink plenty of water. This will help keep the skin, hair and nails healthy while also keeping your body hydrated and happy. 

Brows & Lashes

Redheads often tend to have nearly invisible lashes and brows because the colour of the hair is so light. While this can be a style in itself, some models like to get their brows and lashes tinted and shaped. This can help to frame the face and help certain features, like the eyes, stand out.

Consider highlights

As a redhead, your hair is what makes you stand out – but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan around with it. Having a few highlights can really brighten up the hair and looks great in the summer. 

Alternatively, you can use a spray to help the sun lighten and brighten the hair.

Use Heat Protection

Heat styling can fry even the healthiest of hair. Head protection sprays will help protect hair from heat styling as well as sunshine. 

You should also visit the hairdressers regularly to get dead ends snipped off and keep the hair in a healthy, manageable state.

Get Colour-Matched

Choosing a foundation shade that perfectly matches can be really difficult, especially for redheads who have freckles. It’s a good idea to go to a beauty counter and get a professional to colour-match you. Take the shade away to try on at home for a few days before committing to the purchase. 

You also need to think about your bronzer, contour, highlight and blush shades. Some colours look unnatural and wrong on redheads, so you’ll need to experiment with the right colours and textures. Hiring a pro make-up artist can really help with this.

Red Isn’t Off-Limits

It’s commonly thought that redheads can’t wear certain shades like red or orange. The truth is, you can wear whatever you like – but certain shades are going to be more flattering than others. 

Blue-red tones will make whites look whiter (so it’s ideal as a lipstick choice). Try dabbing a bit of your chosen lipstick on your cheeks as a blush for a really put-together, synced make-up look. 

Bronzers can be really orange in tone and these should be avoided by redheads. Look for a bronzer with more grey undertones – these will look most natural. 

As for eye makeup, no shades need to be avoided. Earthy tones will be extra flattering on redheads. 

Don’t feel like you have to use brown mascara, either. Black mascara looks great on redheads, but you might need to define your brows to balance out the face. 

Famous Ginger Models

– Cintia Dicker

– Julia Hafstrom

– Alexina Graham

– Rianne Van Rompaey

– Lily Cole

– Kiki Willems

– Georgie Hobday

– Maggie Rizer

A Few Interesting Facts About Redheads

Red hair is the rarest hair colour in the world.

Redheads need more anaesthetic than other people – up to 20% more. 

Redheads have the least amount of hair strands – around 90,000 compared to 110 000 for blondes and 140 000 for brunettes.

Less than one million people have the rare combination of red hair and blue eyes. 

Redheads don’t go grey. 

Bees like redheads more than other hair colours.  

Redheads are less sensitive to pain.

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