Child Models UK: Everything You Want to Know

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Child modelling can be a fun career for a confident little one. It’s also a great way to save for their future.

Read on to find out everything you want to know about child models UK. 

What is Child Modelling?

A child model is a model who is under the age of 18. Brands like John Lewis, Disney and Toys R Us are always using child models because that is their target audience. Supermarkets like Asda and holiday companies will also require child models for their family-oriented marketing material.

Law requires that an adult or guardian be present at any modelling jobs the child has. Just like adult models, child models can be signed to a modelling agency (these are usually located in major cities like London and Manchester). They will also need a modelling portfolio to showcase any previous modelling experience. 

Child models UK

How Much Do Child Models UK Earn?

A child model’s earnings depend on their demand and experience. A beginner to the industry can expect to earn from a few hundred pounds – you may also be expected to cover travel and hotel costs. 

However, a famous or in-demand child model can make thousands for a single shoot. Big brands will pay more than smaller companies due to having a bigger budget. 

Requirements for Child Models UK

Child models do not have to be a specific height or dress size. However, their size will determine what age category they are selected to model for. Taller kids may be asked to model teen-wear, while those who are shorter or generally smaller may have to model clothing targeted at a younger age range. 

Overall, a modelling agency will be on the lookout for children with a nice smile, great personality and lots of confidence. They will look for children who appeal to the masses and can handle pressure well. They’ll need children who are OK around strangers and who can take direction. 

Shy children or those who hate meeting new people, being asked to do anything and who are easily overwhelmed will struggle with the world of modelling. 

Restrictions for Child Models UK

A child model will always legally need a parent or guardian with them. That means, as their parent/guardian, there will be a lot of work involved for you. 

Modelling requires lots of travel. It also requires for you to be extremely flexible; an agency won’t care if you have plans, but they will care if you repeatedly cancel or refuse to attend interviews/casting calls. If you miss too many, you will be overlooked for someone else and you will stop receiving invites. 

If your child is in school, they may need to miss the odd school day, so you will need a good relationship with the school, their teachers and the headmaster. Your child will also have to do schoolwork in their spare time to ensure they don’t miss anything important. 

Child Models With No Experience

Your child doesn’t need to have any previous modelling experience, but it will help. Modelling in a professional photoshoot environment can be overwhelming for adults, let alone children, so any experience will be beneficial, even if you just rent a photographer for a day before. This will also give you a good indication as to whether your child will enjoy the experience of modelling. You’ll also be given the opportunity to purchase your favourite photos, which can then be included in your child’s modelling portfolio (it’s like a model’s CV).

Getting Your Child Signed to a Modelling Agency

It’s highly advisable that you look for a good modelling agency to get your child signed to. There are many child modelling agencies out there, and you can apply to as many as you like, as many times as you like. Take the time to research and find the highly recommended and rated ones. 

There should be no upfront fees to join a modelling agency; an agency makes money by taking a cut of any money earned by your child. So try to avoid agencies that ask for upfront payments. You should also check social media for any reviews. 

Always check the authenticity of an agency; there are many scams out there looking to take advantage of excited aspiring models and their parents. 


If your child is approached by an agency, it is vital you check their credentials. While there are many modelling agencies out there, not all of them are good. 

Always check contracts front to back before signing anything and enlist the help of a professional if you don’t understand something. 

Never use a number or email address given to you by a stranger; instead, research the agency and find the legitimate contact details to verify the authenticity.

Is Modelling Right for Your Child?

You need to take your child’s suitability to model into consideration. Forcing a child to model who does not wish to, or who does not enjoy it, will be awful for them and hard work for any agency or brand that works with them. 

Ask yourself the following: does your child follow instructions? Are they happy and comfortable in front of the camera? Do they show patience? Does your child get on with others? Can they sit still long enough for a creative team (makeup artists and hairstylists) to work on them? If it’s a no to any of these questions, your child is likely not suited to the world of modelling. 

If in doubt, it is best to book in for the day with a photographer at a professional photo shoot. This will give you the chance to see whether modelling is suited to your child and whether they will enjoy the experience, as well as if they are any good at it. Modelling is a difficult industry to get into, so you both need to be sure it is something you wish to pursue before you attempt to get your child into it. 

Finally, you need to decide whether you and your child are happy with the possibility of seeing their face on social media, on billboards or in magazines. Fame isn’t for everyone and it can be a very overwhelming experience for children and adults alike. A young model should be sure it is something they are happy with. 

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