Child Models: What You Need to Know

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Child modelling can be a fun and lucrative hobby for your child. Not only can it give them confidence, but it’s a great way to put some savings away for their future, too. As such, child modelling has become very popular in recent years. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about child models.

What is a Child Model?

Child modelling is when a child under the age of 18 makes money from modelling. Plenty of brands require child models; clothing brands like John Lewis and Next, holiday packages for companies like TUI, family-orientated places like Disney, toy companies like Smyths and Toys R Us, supermarkets like Asda and more all require young people to be the face of their brands or children’s ranges. 

Just like adult models, a child model can be signed to a modelling agency (in the UK, these are usually located in main cities such as London and Manchester). They must also have a body of work in the form of a portfolio which they can take to castings and auditions in the hopes of landing work.

Child Model Earnings

Just like with all forms of modelling, a child model’s earnings will differ depending on their experience and the demand for them. Child models who have famous parents can usually request a high paycheque; some child models can earn 6-figure sums for TV commercials or campaigns. Editorial work can pay up to £1200 if the child is experienced. In general, big brands will pay more than smaller indie companies because they will have a bigger budget. 

Beginner models or those with little experience can expect to earn a lot less, at least to begin with. Some shoots may pay a couple hundred (don’t forget to factor in travel expenses or hotel costs, which will usually have to be covered by the parents unless stated otherwise in the contract). More famous child models may have these sorts of costs covered by their modelling agency.

Child Model Requirements

Unlike adult modelling, child models do not have to be a specific height, nor do they need specific measurements. However, their measurements will determine what age category they go into. For example, if your child is especially tall or broad, they may be asked to model older kid’s clothing rather than their actual age range.

Agencies and brands will look for children who have nice smiles and an overall nice appearance, but more important than that is their personality and general attitude. They want bright, confident children who do not shy away from new experiences and who love being centre of attention. They also want children who are comfortable following directions and who are not overwhelmed when surrounded by strangers. 

Child Modelling Restrictions

A child model will need a parent or guardian with them at all times during the modelling process. Modelling generally also requires a lot of travelling around, so parents/guardians must be comfortable and have the time to attend interviews and jobs with their child. Some jobs may even take place abroad. 

it’s important to try and attend all auditions you are invited to – missing one won’t be an issue, but missing several will cause agencies to see you as flaky and unprofessional. They will prioritise models who are more flexible and able.

Your child may need to miss some school to attend auditions and jobs. You will therefore need to have an excellent relationship with your child’s school and teachers. Your child will need to do any missed work in their spare time so they don’t fall behind.

Can a Child Model With No Experience?

Your child does not need to have any modelling experience to become a model, though it does help. A professional photo shoot can be overwhelming for those who have not experienced it before. It’s a good idea to book in for a photo shoot beforehand to allow your child the experience before attempting to get any professional jobs. This is a good idea for several reasons:

– You can judge whether your child enjoys the experience and whether they are good at modelling.

– It desensitizes your child to a professional photoshoot experience, so they will be more comfortable on an actual job.

– You can purchase any photos taken at the shoot and include them in your child’s modelling portfolio. A professional portfolio is an essential tool that your child will need to take with them to all auditions and interviews. It allows prospective brands and agencies to see their experience and range as a model. Essentially, a good portfolio will help get your child work.

How to Get Your Child Signed

Getting your child signed to a child modelling agency is an important and necessary first step to finding work. You should take the time to research as many different agencies as possible and start applying to the ones you like. You can apply to as many as you like, as many times as you like. 

A professional agency should be free to join and there should be no upfront fees or expenses to fork out. Always keep an eye out for scam agencies and make every effort to avoid them.

Is Modelling Right for Your Child?

Your child’s suitability to modelling is important. There is no point forcing a child to do something they do not enjoy. Your child should be confident, follow instructions well, be comfortable around strangers, play well with others and be happy in front of the camera. They also need patience; they will need to sit still while a creative team of makeup artists and hair stylists work their magic. 

It’s also important to consider how your child would feel seeing their face on billboards or in magazines. Would they be embarrassed or proud? Excited or ashamed? A young model should be happy and confident. 

Keeping Your Child Safe

Keeping your child safe while you navigate the world of modelling is a number one priority. Unfortunately, there are lots of scams out there who would want to take advantage of those who are new to the industry. A good modelling agency is important because they will help to avoid these situations and keep your child safe. 

If your child is approached online (not through their agency), proceed with caution and always check people’s credentials. Protect your child, particularly if they’re on social media (most platforms have an age limit, so ensure they meet this). Monitor any interactions and ensure people are who they say they are. 

Never email or call using contact information given to you via a message. Find the official email or phone number on the verified website. 

Are you interested in getting your child into modelling? Register with us today and let’s make it happen!


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