Do Models Need an eFolio?

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There aren’t many tools that a model needs to do their work; a portfolio is vital, and z-cards are useful. But what about an eFolio?

Read on to discover what an eFolio is, and whether you need it to pursue a career in the fashion industry. 

What is an eFolio?

An eFolio is also known as an eBook. It’s an online version of a model’s portfolio (for anyone new to the field, a portfolio is a model’s CV; its a folder containing up to 20 photos of the model, showing their range and experience).

An eFolio is fairly new to the business, but it’s a tool that many models are choosing to have. It allows models to share their experience virtually – saving time, money and effort. 

A good portfolio is vital – and, by extension, your eFolio also needs to be high-quality and capture the attention of whomever looks at it. A good portfolio or eFolio could mean the difference between landing a job, or being overlooked. 

As well as photos, your portfolio and eFolio will also feature your modelling details including your measurements, location, dress size and height, and your agency information (if you have one – if not, other contact details will be required).

For more information about modelling portfolios, click here.

An eFolio is an online version of your modelling portfolio.

Is an eFolio Essential?

An eFolio (which stands for electronic portfolio) is not necessarily essential, but it’s a good idea to have. A physical portfolio, on the other hand, IS an essential item for models to have – even supermodels have their own portfolios that they take with them to auditions and casting calls. 

An eFolio takes the portfolio one step further. It allows the model to show their experience at the click of the button; they can send it to whoever they want, wherever they are in the word. So much today is done virtually, including looking for models. Having an online presence in the form of an eFolio will be improving your chances of success, allowing more people to find you and see your work. As well as this, you don’t have to panic if you don’t have your physical portfolio with you at all times (which can be cumbersome); you can show people your portfolio simply by giving them the web address. 

Having an eFolio is also the trendy way to share your experience; it will make you appear current and professional. Not only that, but it’s much faster to update your eFolio than it is to update your physical one – no waiting time for printers, no printing costs etc. Your eFolio is also a way for you to control how you are seen and represented to people you wish to work with. 

Basically, your eFolio will boost your modelling career – so why not have one?

What if I Have No Experience?

Having no experience in modelling shouldn’t stop you from having an amazing portfolio or eFolio. Your eFolio is great for self-marketing your abilities, and self-promotion via the internet can make a huge difference to a model’s success. 

You don’t need to be a successful supermodel to have a eFolio, but you do need some top-quality photos. If you don’t yet have any modelling experience, you may want to think about hiring a photographer for a photoshoot. You can then purchase any photos taken to include not only in your eFolio but in your physical portfolio and on your, z-cards, too.

It’s tempting to take a phone selfie as phones tend to have good-quality cameras these days, but refrain; the quality simply isn’t professional enough. Your portfolio and eFolio need to have photos that look fresh out of a magazine.

Hiring a photographer will also give you vital experience in a professional photoshoot setting. A good photographer will guide you through the process, advising on the best poses and helping you choose the best photos from the shoot. 

If you need professional photos for your eFolio, register with us today and we can get you booked into one of our photography studios!

How to Create Your eFolio

Creating your eFolio doesn’t have to be too time-consuming or expensive. Start with the most important aspect – your photos. This will be the most expensive, and ultimately vital, stage of the process. Once these are sorted, you can move on to the more boring (but equally important!) part of setting up a website. 

You’ll need up to 20 photos for your portfolio and eFolio. Most photographers will do packages so you can bulk buy your images. Check prices first before committing. 

Find a studio that has worked with models before. Landscape photographers wont be as good at portraits, because they will have less experience and it’s not their field of expertise. To be sure, ask the photographer for their portfolio of previous work – that way, you can tell if you like their style. Don’t be afraid to say no and look for another photographer if one doesn’t meet your needs.

There are plenty of website builders online that make it simple for you to do it yourself. Of course, if you have the money it’s always best to hire an expert, but those short on cash will be able to make a decent website themselves via a website like Wix. You will have to pay if you want a proper web domain and no adverts on the website, but remember these sorts of costs can be claimed back on your tax return. 

Maintaining Your Portfolio & e-Folio

You need to manage and maintain your eFolio regularly so it’s as up-to-date as possible. Remove and replace outdated photos, particularly if you’ve changed your image. Make sure you contact information is accurate, as are your model measurements (dress size, shoe size, waist size etc). It’s a good idea to place your most recent photos at the front of the list.

You don’t need to include every single photo of yourself on your eFolio. Choose only the most beautiful images that show your expertise and range. It’s also a nice idea to put your previous experience and achievements as a model on your website, if you have any.

If you’re using a self-made website creator like Wix, you will be able to edit and manage it yourself. If you hire someone to create your website, you may need to get in touch with them to update it for you, unless they can give you the details on how to do it yourself.

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