Fashion Modelling Tips for Beginners

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If supermodel stardom is your dream and you’d love nothing more than to spend your days strutting the catwalk and posing for photos, modelling may just be the job for you.

But fashion modelling is a difficult industry to get into, and it’s very competitive. Understanding your strengths as an aspiring model and knowing the different niches available to you will give you the tools for success.

Read on for expert industry modelling tips for beginners. 

Know Your Strengths

Understanding your strengths will help you break into the right niche of modelling. Knowing, too, the requirements for each niche will allow you to figure out which one is best suited to your personal look. The modelling industry is more inclusive now, but they still prefer certain standards are met. Each niche (for example plus-size models, high fashion/supermodels, body parts, petite, lingerie, fitness model etc.) has different requirements. 

To be a good model, you’ll need to be able to pose and express different emotions on cue. That’s why it can be really handy to take an acting or dancing class or two, as it will help you figure out whether this is something you are naturally good at – or whether you need to work on it.

Don’t forget to also keep practising your poses in front of the mirror. Get a friend or family member to take photos so you can see yourself from all angles. 

Build Your Modelling Portfolio

You need a strong modelling portfolio if you want to be a successful model. A model’s portfolio is like their CV; it showcases their best images, allowing hiring staff to see your potential, range and modelling experience. 

Portfolios usually feature up to 20 of your best modelling photos. If you don’t yet have any photos, don’t panic – everyone has to start somewhere. It’s a good idea to hire a professional photographer for a proper photoshoot so you can gain some valuable experience in front of the camera; you’ll also be given the opportunity to purchase your best photos.

Don’t forget to also look into creating an online modelling portfolio; this will make it quick and convenient to show people your potential. 

You can also use your photos for z-cards (also known as comp cards).

Modelling Advice

– Try to elongate your neck when posing

– Pose from head to toe

– Mix it up with innovative poses

– Do not turn up to a photoshoot without first ensuring your hair and face are clean

– You may not like the styling at particular shoots; you need to be able to model through it

– Remember not to stare aimlessly when posing for photos

– Do not slouch when walking; always think of your posture

– Ask if it’s possible to have your favourite music playing during a shoot – it can help give energy

– Don’t be forgettable!

Get Signed to a Modelling Agency

Once you’ve created a strong modelling portfolio, it’s time to start applying to agencies. Most modelling agencies have an online application that you can simply fill out; you’ll need to know your measurements and have your best modelling photos to hand. 

Some agencies advertise for open casting calls. It’s a good idea to follow lots of agencies on social media and keep an eye out for opportunities and announcements. 

Preparing for a Go-See

Go-sees, also known as model interviews, are crucial to get right. Even top models must still attend go-sees.

Here’s how to make a positive lasting impression:

– Be prepared. Practice your poses and your walk beforehand. 

– Research the agency or client beforehand.

– Make sure you arrive in plenty of good time. 

– Wear minimal make-up that emphasises your natural beauty.

– Bring a pair of heels in case they ask to see your runway walk. 

– Opt for tidy, natural nails, ideally with no varnish – stick to clear, nude or sheer.

– Ensure they can see your face and bone structure. 

– Wear nude underwear that fits perfectly. 

– Have good posture.

– Show off your personality and don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

Utilising Social Media

Many agencies like to try and find fresh faces via social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. That’s why it’s a really good idea to have a strong social media presence; ensure people engage with your content and that everything you post is high quality. Use appropriate hashtags and build your following – you could even attract work and make money purely through your Instagram account. 

Getting Started: Modelling Tips for Beginners

– Choose your favourite model and study them. Watch everything from their walk, to the way they express emotion with their eyes. 

– You must have a strong beauty shot; prioritise this above other photos. 

– Study the industry; you need to know about the business side of modelling as well as the current top photographers, fashion designers, supermodels etc. 

– Remember to update your portfolio as you gain more work and experience.

– Don’t be afraid to do the odd job for freebies or even for free, especially if you can afford it and it is a worthwhile experience. 

– Always be polite to everyone you meet – you never know who could land you your next big break.

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