Have You Got What It Takes to Be a Plus-Size Male Model?

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Male modelling has finally discovered plus-size, and it is great to see. Inclusivity and representation are becoming more important within the fashion industry, and we are now able to see larger men walking on the runway and featuring in magazines. 

If you’re interested in becoming a plus-size male model, read on to discover if you have what it takes to succeed.

The Body Positivity Movement

Plus-size men have often been overlooked, even when plus-size females started seeing a rise in demand. Fortunately, thanks to the likes of ASOS and Rihanna’s brand Savage X Fenty and other body-conscious brands, body positivity and the celebration of body diversity is a big thing in modelling right now. That means plus-size men are finally getting a chance to thrive and be seen. 

While demand has risen, it’s still not as high as it is for plus-size women. Hopefully, demand continues to grow as we see the popularity of plus-size men in the mainstream media. 

Plus-size male model

The Brawn Division

Plus-size men are known as the brawn division, and we are starting to see many more modelling agencies taking on and accepting bigger men. Plus-size isn’t just about having a larger body; it also relates to height. High fashion in particular has always been very strict about its requirements, and a brawn division in modelling allows men who don’t meet these strict criteria (for example, tall men or men with wider shoulders) to still make a living from their attractive appearance. 

Famous Plus-Size Male Models

– Zach Miko

– Steven Martin

– Scott Bayliss

– Kelvin Davis

– Nemar Parchment

– Bruce Sturgell

Requirements for Plus-Size Male Models

Unfortunately, requirements for plus-size male models are far from clear. Opinions seem to differ depending on who is asked. That means each modelling agency and brand will have their own answer. 

While this makes it difficult to determine who will and won’t accept your specific measurements. it means you can feel free to apply to any and all agencies that accept “plus-size” male models. At the end of the day, if you have the right look and personality for modelling, most agencies and brands will be willing to overlook any size rules that they do have in place. 

Try and do some research before applying in case they have stated anywhere the type of measurements they are looking for; you don’t want to waste your time applying to agencies and brands that will not accept you. 

How to Get Into Modelling

Like all models, plus-size male models need to have a great modelling portfolio to help them stand out from the competition. In your portfolio, you need to show you have range and experience. Photos should be high-quality and really emphasise your best features. Make sure to include a close-up beauty shot, as well as a full-length body shot so they can see your figure. 

If you are new to modelling and don’t yet have any modelling experience, don’t worry – everyone has to start somewhere. You can try volunteering for work to get some photos for your portfolio, or you can book in for a professional photo shoot so you can experience a proper photography set-up, get some practice in front of the camera and walk away with your favourite photos at the end of the shoot. 

Modelling Tips

– Most modelling jobs take place in major cities like London or Manchester, so it is vital you are willing to travel to these places if you aren’t located there. 

– It’s a good idea to have a social media presence, particularly on Instagram, so you can self-market yourself and get your face and name in front of people you may work with in the future. You can even make money from Instagram once you have enough followers and post engagement. Once you have established a decent following, feel free to start reaching out to your favourite brands and agencies – you never know who might work with you! It’s a great idea to create a professional media package with your prices and availability so you can send this out to prospective future employers. 

– Get signed to a modelling agency as early as you can. This can be a long and tedious process, but will ultimately be worth it if you are serious about a career in modelling. You can apply to as many agencies as you want, as many times as you want.

– Success in modelling does rely on networking. You need to know the right people. Make sure you are kind and polite to everyone you meet – you never know who could get you your next big break. 

– Just like every other model, you must work to look after yourself. Have a good diet, exercise regularly and have a good skincare routine. Visit the hairdressers regularly, and measure yourself to ensure you supply agencies and brands with the most correct, up-to-date measurements you have. (There is no point lying about your measurements – you will soon be discovered when a brand has to measure you for a fitting! So always be honest).

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