How to Find Fashion Modelling Jobs

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Read on for an in-depth guide to finding – and securing – those all-important first fashion modelling jobs.

Modelling – the Reality

Modelling is a difficult industry to find success in. That’s because it’s highly competitive with hundreds of hopefuls applying to modelling agencies each week. Add that to the ever-changing fashions, the constantly-altering styles and the fast pace of the industry and it’s clear why modelling is not a job for the faint-hearted.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities out there, though – you just need to be smart about how you find and approach them. Giving yourself the best chance of success depends on how good you are from the beginning at being invited to try out for certain opportunities – and how good you are at making a great first impression.

To be a successful model, you must be willing to do lots of travelling. You may need to cancel plans last-minute to attend interviews and casting calls. You will also need to finance your travel initially until you are accepted for a job. Many models start modelling part-time initially so they can finance it.

You need the right attitude to succeed; plenty of energy, commitment and enthusiasm is required. But if you love a fast-paced lifestyle and are up for the challenge, modelling may just be the career for you!

Modelling is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

While it’s easy to understand why many may think modelling is an easy route to fame and fortune due to the increasing amount of influencers profiting off it on social media, don’t be fooled – modelling is not an easy job. Many models who start out don’t make good money until they have created a name for themself in the industry, and they are in demand for work. You’re also up against many physically beautiful people, and it can be difficult not to compare and judge your own appearance against theirs.

It’s also not as glamorous as it may first appear. While top supermodels get star treatment, models who are just starting out won’t experience the same sort of lifestyle. Modelling can damage your skin due to heavy make-up application and your hair from constant heat styling. Constantly travelling for work also means eating well and exercising consistently can also be a challenge. You need strong willpower and plenty of determination to overcome these challenges.

Modelling is also not just about looks; your personality and energy are just as important. You need to be able to take direction and criticism without allowing it to affect your mood or confidence. You’ll also need to be able to think under pressure, work well in highly stressful environments, and remain positive in the face of negativity.

Where Can Modelling Jobs Be Found?

Typically, in the UK most modelling jobs can be found in major cities including London, Manchester and Liverpool. This is also where most brands and modelling agencies are located, and you will need to be prepared to travel to these locations regularly for work and for interviews and casting calls. If you don’t live near one of these areas, you need to be prepared for plenty of travelling, which can be very time-consuming and expensive.

You might also have to travel for on-location shoots; there are shoots that happen outside the studio and can range from a beach or gym, to a forest or mountain – it all depends on o the campaign story and client brief.

An in-house model (a model with a fixed contract) will likely be expected to work in the same locations – for example, onset in a photo studio, in showrooms, at workshops or at fashion shows.

How Models Find Permanent Modelling Jobs

The best way for a model to find permanent work is to be an in-house model. If you consistently impress clients by showing up on time, being polite, and going that extra mile to achieve the perfect shot, the chances of being offered permanent work later on are much higher.

You should also ensure that your portfolio is as strong and up to date as possible.

Downsides to Modelling

Along with constant travel which can often lead to homesickness and loneliness, there are other downsides to modelling. As a model, you will have to deal with being styled in ways you may not personally like. Remember that it’s not up to you to like the products or styling, but it IS your job to make it look amazing and sell it to the public, regardless of your personal feelings.

If you are not contracted or signed to an agency, finding work can feel like a minefield and can easily make you feel despondent.

Models face a lot of scrutiny over their appearance and, like most celebrities, they have a certain responsibility to be good role models, particularly to young people. This pressure can be overwhelming at times.

How Much Do Models Earn?

A model’s wages depends on the job, the genre of modelling they are in, how in-demand they are, and what percentage of a model’s fees the agency takes. To begin with, models may earn very little – in fact, some models may choose to take unpaid work so they can build up their portfolio and gain valuable experience. May models don’t become full-time models until they have established a name for themselves and are able to earn a decent salary without supplementing with a second job.

Because modelling is more like a freelance job, it’s difficult to determine what a model can expect to make each year as it will vary depending on the amount of work the model is able to find. It’s a good idea to have some savings to fall back on during quieter months.

Getting Signed to a Modelling Agency

Getting signed to a modelling agency is a great way to boost your exposure and find more work opportunities. But being signed doesn’t guarantee you work – you will still have to be interviewed. It’s your responsibility to stand out from the crowd and show brands why you’re the best person for the job. Always read briefs carefully, research brands and come with as much knowledge as possible to help land the role.

Self-Employed Models

Self-employed models choose to represent themselves. This has pros and cons; you will have to find all opportunities yourself, and this can be near impossible if you don’t already have a foot in the door and know the right people. But you will be able to keep 100% of the profits if you do manage to find work.

To find success as a self-employed model, you’ll need to put a good marketing plan in place, join casting directories, and know-how to advertise yourself. You will also need a strong portfolio and e-folio to show your expertise. It’s a time-consuming route that requires lots of networking and building up contacts, but you will have more overall flexibility.

What is the Easiest Way to Find Modelling Jobs?

Modelling jobs can be found easily online. You can also follow brand and agency social media accounts to keep abreast of ay adverts for models. But the easiest way to find modelling jobs is to get signed to an agency – this way, they do all the work for you and you can focus on nailing the interview.

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