How to Look Like a Model

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Have you ever wondered how models look so good all the time? Wonder no more! Read on to find out exactly what it takes to look like a model.

Good Genes

It’s sad but true. All models have been blessed with good genes that give them the foundation of which all their other beauty-enhancing tricks are built. Of course, we’re not saying models don’t work hard to look the way they do each day of the year. But models have the advantage of height and good bone structure that can only come from being born lucky.

It’s not unusual for many models to have the odd surgery or none-evasive procedure to tweak minor things, but it is uncommon to hear about it from them! As an example, Kendall Jenner is thought to have had a bit of lip filler and other facial enhancements, but she has never spoken about it. Similarly, Bella Hadid is thought to have had facial fillers, too.

If, like the majority of us, you haven’t been blessed with the fortunate genes demanded of top models, read on to discover the other tricks used to elevate their beauty.


Models have exceptionally good skincare regimes. They must wear masses of makeup for work, so it’s important they know how to take this off effectively and take care of their skin.

Signs of aging like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores can affect us all, but a good skincare routine can combat all these issues. Acne is possibly the most common skin affliction, with even the most successful models struggling with it from time to time. While a good cleansing and hydrating routine can help, many turn to experts like dermatologists for help eradicating and preventing spots and blemishes.

As well as cleansing and hydrating the skin, exfoliating is another key way to help slough off dead skin cells and reveal smooth, bright skin underneath. It also helps prevent clogged pores, which can lead to spots and blackheads.

Models avoid the sun, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption as these can all damage the skin. The sun in particular is to blame for a lot of premature signs of ageing; this is why models like to wear a high SPF on their face and neck every single day, regardless of the weather.

Of course, there are some people who have chronic issues with their skin that even a good skincare routine can’t or wont fix. Victoria’s Secret Model Taylor Hill has famously opened up about her acne struggles. This is when it is worth visiting a doctor or skincare specialist for expert advice which may include medicine or prescription topical solutions.


Makeup is another vital way for models to look their best every day. Not only is makeup used at shoots and on catwalks, but it is also used on model’s down days and when they are photographed for social media or by the paparazzi.

Makeup can be used to completely transform the face. It can also be used to exaggerate aspects of the face that we like, while hiding parts we don’t like as much. Contouring and highlighting is a way to change the structure of the face without surgery or fillers and has become very popular since Kim Kardashian shared a famous Instagram photo of her make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic (“Make-up By Mario”) having done it to her. However, it’s not a new technique; it’s been used as a way to heighten cheekbones, slim noses and sharpen jawlines for many years.

Spray tans are also a well-loved makeup technique for all models. Many models will get a full head-to-toe spray tan before a photoshoot or catwalk, particularly if it’s summer-themed. Not only will a spray tan give a nice tanned colour to the skin, but it’s also an effective way to cover skin blemishes like redness, spots and stretch marks. Tans are also visually slimming; the best tanners are able to contour the body and create the illusion of more toned limbs and abs. Real suntans are generally avoided as these can speed up the aging process as well as cause skin damage and hyperpigmentation (dark spots on the skin).


Model’s may have been born with the type of physique required by the fashion industry (i.e. a height of over 5’8″ and a naturally hourglass shape), but they have to work hard to finesse and maintain it. Exercise is a vital part of a model’s daily routine. Most models like to work out up to 5 days a week, and many have admitted to amping this up to every day – sometimes twice a day – during the lead-up to important shoots and shows.

No model has the same routine, but they all agree to one thing – consistency is the most important thing. That means finding a workout you enjoy and that works for you. Some prefer cardio while others opt for more weight-orientated workouts. Boxing, barre, spin classes and pilates are also popular for burning calories and toning muscles.

Most models have a personal trainer to show them proper form, prevent injury and ensure the muscles on each side of the body are even and symmetrical. If you have never worked out before, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a professional.

A model may split their time between home workouts and the gym, or do their exercises while outside in nature – for example hiking, running and cycling. It’s entirely up to the individual and what they prefer and can stick to.

Nobody can ensure they are able to attend every single workout they have planned. As models must travel constantly, many like to ensure their hotels have a gym or they like to take a yoga matt with them so they can work out in their hotel room. They will also go out for a run or perhaps visit a local gym – they do whatever they can to squeeze in a workout, wherever they are.


Another key element to a model’s overall appearance, nutrition and diet are something all model’s are conscious about. Many turn to expert nutritionists to help them cater a specialised diet that works for their unique body type, while others learn about nutrition themselves.

Models must be conscious about what they eat and drink. They like to include plenty of healthy greens and fruit in their diet, as well as healthy fats. While they tend to try to avoid complex carbs like pasta and rice, they do indulge every so often. All models like to treat themselves, just like everyone else. They see it as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

They all try to drink plenty of water as there are many benefits to staying hydrated including plumper skin, healthier hair and nails, better cognitive function and weight maintenance. Models tend to avoid lots of alcohol or caffeine consumption, though many models are partial to the occasional cup of coffee. Macha is also popular as it also contains caffeine but the release is much slower, resulting in less of a dip in energy.

Lots of models like to take additional supplements at the advice of their nutritionist or personal trainer to help them when working out and to ensure they are getting all the key vitamins and nutrients to keep them healthy.


Contrary to what we might think, most people’s beauty is not without work. All models will turn to different treatments to perfect their looks, particularly before shoots and runway shows.

Below are just some of the treatments many models like to use to look and feel their best.


As we mentioned earlier, fillers are a very commonly used technique nowadays to transform or slightly alter the face. Fillers can be used to plump or even out the lips, heighten the cheekbones, strengthen the jawline and even raise the brows and give the face a lift without the need for surgery. When done correctly, fillers can look incredibly natural and last for many months. When done wrong by inexperienced or unlicensed people, fillers can cause serious disfigurement that can be impossible to undo – so it’s important to do your research and go to the correct people. Remember, it’s never worth finding cheaper options when it comes to surgery or cosmetic procedures – they’re expensive for a reason!

Teeth whitening and straightening

Have you ever seen a model without a perfect, beautiful smile? Many models turn to braces to straighten and even out their teeth. Teeth whitening is also very popular to get rid of staining or yellowness.

Composite bonding can also be used to perfect a smile. This is when minor issues like chips and gaps can be filled in, creating an immediate straighter smile.

Veneers are another method to perfect the teeth. For veneers, the natural teeth are ground down to a point, then veneers (individual teeth made out of a special type of porcelain) are glued on. Each tooth can cost over £1000, so it’s an expensive but long-lasting procedure.

Some models choose to make a feature out of their teeth. Georgia May Jagger has a gap in her front teeth that helps her to stand out from other models. Even with her gap, her teeth are still clean, straight and bright.


Models, particularly those who model lingerie or swimwear, must wax everywhere below the neck (this is usually a brand requirement, though some more alternative brands or brands associated with shaving may request you not to shave).

Lots of models have consistent shaving or waxing routines. Waxing is a great way to get rid of body hair as it leaves skin smooth for weeks. However, there is a waiting period where hair must grow to a certain length before getting re-waxed – so it can be a problem if a model has back-to-back shoots over a significant period of time. Getting waxed regularly should eventually help to stop the hairs growing back so quickly.

Shaving, on the other hand, can be done daily. The negatives to shaving is that it doesn’t last long and must be done daily to upkeep it. Shaving can also result in ingrown hairs which look red, bumpy and can be very itchy, so it’s important to soak the skin in warm water beforehand and use a fresh razor each time. Moisturising should also keep ingrown hairs at bay.

Laser hair removal is another option for permanent hair removal. It takes numerous sessions and can be pricey, but many people love the fact they don’t have to wax or shave as often (if at all). Unfortunately, only dark-haired people can get laser hair removal.


Professional facials are a popular way to remove dead skin cells, reduce redness and puffiness, and keep skin looking hydrated, clear and fresh. There are lots of different types of facials and they all have different price points depending on the type and length of facial you receive. Models usually like to get hydrating facials before a shoot, as well as deep exfoliating treatments to thoroughly clean pores and prevent blackheads.

It’s a good idea to get a facial at least one week ahead of an important show or shoot. An intense facial can cause redness immediately after and for a few days prior, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Never try a brand new facial the day before an important event; you don’t want to find out you are reactive and not have time for the skin to calm down.

Brows and Lashes

Brows and lashes frame the face, so it’s no wonder that top models like to get theirs attended to regularly.

Lashes can be tinted to make them darker. They can also be permed – known as an LVL treatment – to make them curl without the need for a lash curler.

You can also have lash inserts, which is a bit like extensions for the lashes. These can last a good few weeks if taken care of properly.

There are plenty of treatments that can be done to the brows. As well as tinting, waxing and threading are popular ways to shape them. A new, popular treatment is brow lamination. This is a way to perm the brows straight to make them appear thicker and more feathery.

Brows can also be microbladed. This is a bit like a semi-permanent tattoo that fades over time – ideal for those with no or barely any hair.


Some models have admitted to loving cryotherapy chambers, also known as cold therapy. These are chambers that a person stands in for a few minutes at a time that get very, very cold. They’re used as therapy or treatment after intense working out or surgeries and are thought to include benefits such as relieving muscle pains and spasms, accelerating recovery and having an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

There is little scientific evidence yet to prove the efficacy of cryo chambers, but that hasn’t stopped many models and athletes trying it out. Romee Strijd shows herself using one in one of her YouTube vlogs.

Cryo chamber sessions can be very expensive, but a cold bath or short, cold blast in the shower is not dissimilar.


Lastly, let’s not forget about filters. Social media has given us a very warped sense of reality because so many people – top models included – use filters on their photos without telling us. It’s made us believe that they look great 100% of the time – which just isn’t the case. Filters can blur, perfect and adjust photos at the click of a button. Many are free and take seconds to do.

It’s important not to take everything we see online at face value. We must consider the use of make-up, filters and other tools that have been used to make someone look the way they do. Models have an arsenal of professionals at their beck and call, plus the money to achieve whatever look they desire. They have the top dermatologists, make-up artists, hair stylists, surgeons, personal trainers and nutritionists to help them look great all year round.

Their job is to look good, so naturally they invest a lot of time and money on looking great. For the average person, it’s not a realistic lifestyle; we have jobs that get in the way of twice-daily workouts and organic meals made from scratch each day (often made by chefs).

If you’re an aspiring model, there are plenty of at-home ways you can help yourself look like a model. Brow and lash tinting and waxing can be learnt, as can exercising and nutrition. It may take longer, but it’s ultimately worth doing for severalreasons:

  • You can save money
  • You will learn what goes behind making a model look like a model
  • You will learn vital information about exercise and nutrition, something we should all know

Are you interested in becoming a model? Register with us today to find out if you could make it in the world of fashion!

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