Everything You Need to Know About Catalogue Modelling

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There are many niches to modelling, and catalogue modelling is one of the most popular to enter into. It’s not quite as strict as high fashion, and it can be well-paid and glamorous. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about catalogue modelling.

What is Catalogue Modelling?

Catalogue modelling is a niche of modelling. You’re probably already familiar with it without realising, especially if you love to shop. Catalogue models are used to sell items of clothing (as well as shoes, accessories etc.) for brands. In the past, brands had magazines that could be sent to you so you could browse without having to visit the shop (like the Next directory). Nowadays, most brands are online and there is less need for expensive magazines or booklets.

Unlike fashion modelling, catalogue modelling is very diverse. It allows many different types of people the opportunity to enter the fashion industry. The target audience for catalogue models varies hugely, which means lots of different models are required to reflect each audience.

Catalogue models are typically more average-looking. Whilst still attractive, they appear more approachable. Runway models, by comparison, are infamous for a tall and slender physique that most of the average population could never replicate.

A catalogue model won’t be asked to walk at London Fashion Week, but that doesn’t mean the job can’t be just as glamorous as high-fashion modelling. Successful catalogue models may find themselves travelling abroad for work, and they will be regularly working with top hair stylists and make-up artists.

Everything You Need to Know About Catalogue Modelling

What Do You Need to Be a Catalogue Model?

There’s no set definition or requirements to be a catalogue model, but it helps to have the following:

– Height. As with all forms of modelling, being over 5’7″ if you’re a woman and over 5’9″ if you’re a man is going to be beneficial.

– Good teeth. An attractive, warm smile is coveted.

– A proportional body. While there are no strict measurements that need to be met in catalogue models, agencies and brands will typically prefer more proportional hourglass body types.

– Clear skin is always a bonus as it will save time and money. However, it isn’t essential as makeup and post-production editing can make skin appear flawless.

– A great personality. Modelling can be a difficult and tiring job. Agencies and brands want to work with people who are positive, hard-working and fun to be around. They want someone their customers can look up to and feel inspired by.

Don’t forget that there are many niches in catalogue modelling including petite models, plus-size models, child modelling, teen models, models with disabilities, fitness, lingerie, alternative and more. There is no age range for catalogue modelling; modelling agencies are looking to cover as many different looks as possible to cater for as many clients as possible. Diversity is key – but there are still requirements to be met.

What Work Do Catalogue Models Do?

There are plenty of different catalogue modelling jobs around and they will all be looking for a different type of model to reflect their target audience. Catalogue models will be hired to advertise nearly every product you can think of. From clothes and shoes to events, holiday destinations, homeware and beauty products, there’s no limit to what you might be asked to advertise.

Your age, as well as your look, may have a factor in the type of products you are asked to promote. Younger models are more likely to be required for high street clothing, while mature models may be asked to advertise anti-ageing skincare or cruise holidays.

As a model, you need to promote yourself or get signed by a modelling agency in order to be invited to interviews and auditions for modelling work.

How to Get Interviews for Modelling Work

All aspiring models have one question on their minds; how do I find work? The answer is both simple and difficult.

To find work, a model will have the best opportunities if they are signed to a modelling agency. The modelling agency will then provide the model with chances to interview for certain modelling jobs. However, getting signed isn’t easy as it is extremely competitive and they receive thousands of applications each week. It’s your job to stand out from the crowd and prove you would be a great asset to have on their team.

There are hundreds of modelling agencies in the UK and you can apply to as many as you want, as many times as you want. The best way to get noticed is to apply to as many as you can and have a strong portfolio showcasing your experiences and talents as a model. Keep persevering and you’ll soon find an agency that loves your look.

What is the Salary of a Catalogue Model?

Modelling is not a regular 9-5 job, which means that there is no set salary; in fact, salaries can vary hugely depending on the amount and type of work you can get. Each photoshoot is different. Many models start off as part-time models and have other jobs alongside it so they can support themselves financially. Eventually, you can become full-time if your modelling duties require more time and are able to support you without additional income.

Successful catalogue models can make a very comfortable, secure living purely from modelling. If you utilise social media platforms, especially Instagram or YouTube, you will make even more money.

The modelling industry is notoriously unforgiving, but if you have the right attitude and working mindset, you could have a very long and successful career as a catalogue model.

Advice for Becoming a Catalogue Model


Do your research and establish what sort of looks are currently in. Search through catalogues and on your favourite fashion websites; what do the models look like? Many brands tend to stick with similar-looking models, though ones that can be distinct enough to tell apart. Try practising the poses you see. You should be able to move fluidly and confidently; if you feel stagnant and awkward, continue to practice until you feel completely comfortable with your angles.

Build Your Experience

Most brands want to work with someone who already has experience. Search for opportunities available near you; you may have to do some unpaid work to begin with, just to get the experience under your belt. Trainee photographers are always on the lookout for models, so check in with your local universities and online. Make sure they agree beforehand to share the photos with you before you agree.

Build a Strong Portfolio

Your modelling portfolio needs to contain your absolute best photos. You can include up to 20, so make sure you include lots of photos to show off your diversity and skills. Include some close-ups as well as some full-length shots.

Be sure to use a professional printing service to print off your photos to around A4 size. It’s imperative they are clear and unblurred. Selfies and phone photos will not hack it; that’s why building your experience with a proper photographer is so vital.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s important to take care of your appearance and health as much as you can. Your looks are your work, so you’ll need to spend time learning the best ways to stay healthy and retain your youth. You’ll need a good diet and exercise routine, as well as a skincare and hygiene routine that you can stick to.

Stay Motivated

Perhaps the most difficult part of modelling is staying motivated. Models face a lot of rejection – it’s part of the job and nothing to take personally. However, years of rejection can really impact a person’s mental health. It’s really important you put your mental well-being first and learn how to stay motivated even when things aren’t going your way. A lot of people don’t make it in modelling because they give up; if it’s something you really want, keep at it!

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