Everything You Need to Know About a Model Headshot

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If you’re an aspiring model, you may have been asked for your model headshot. But what exactly is one, and why is it so important to have one?

What is a Headshot?

A headshot is a close-up photo of the face. They can be taken at different angles and can include the neck and shoulders, but they are most often taken head-on. 

You have probably already taken a headshot in the form of a selfie before (it may be your social media profiles, like LinkedIn or Facebook, as your profile photo Facebook), but a professional headshot is usually taken by a photographer. 

Why Do I Need a Model Headshot?

Lots of people who work in the media and need to audition for jobs need a headshot. Actors are a good example, as well as models. 

A headshot usually the first photo that an agency or brand wants to look at because it gives them a really good look at your modelling potential.

For models, a good headshot should be included in your modelling portfolio. If you have z-cards, it’s also a good photo to include on there, too. 

Example of a model headshot

Taking the Best Headshot

There are several things you can do to ensure you get a really good headshot.


To get good at such intimate portraits, you have to practice. You really have to learn your angles and the structure of your face. 

You should also spend time learning how the light reflects and captures your best assets, and how shadow can be used to draw back certain features and change the mood of the image. Practice finding the best light in a mirror, then try taking photos (or ask a friend to help) so you can see what you’re getting right or wrong. 

Hire a Professional

You should look into hiring a professional photographer. A selfie simply will not be good enough for your portfolio or your application photos. Remember that you need to stand out from a crowd of thousands of other aspiring models, and you will all be applying for the same spots in agencies and at auditions. So if you want to set yourself above the rest, ensure you show you take the job seriously by investing in some professional photos. 

If you have yet to gain any modelling experience, a professional photoshoot at a proper studio is the next best thing. It will give you vital practice in front of the camera, and you can walk away with your favourite which you can then include in your portfolio. A studio with a proper set-up will really help you to capture your best shot possible. 

You can also sometimes pay for editing services to blur our blemishes and really perfect your photos. 

Skincare and Makeup

Headshots tend to be quite close and personal – so you should work on making sure your skin looks as good as possible. 

If you can, see a professional skincare expert (like a dermatologist) for advice. Aestheticians can also help recommend certain skincare products and services that can help resurface and hydrate the skin. 

At home, you should try to have a good skincare routine that you use each day and night. Use serums to fix any specific skin concerns, and make sure your moisturiser is suitable for your skin type. Wear SPF every morning to protect the skin from premature ageing. 

You should also learn how to use makeup to effectively make your skin appear smoother and to emphasise your best facial assets. Contouring and highlighting is a great way to reshape the face in a natural, subtle way. Done properly, it doesn’t look like heavy make-up at all. 

Watch the following YouTube tutorial for advice on how to properly contour and highlight:

Find Your Inspiration

If you are stuck for inspiration on how to get the best headshot, there are plenty of other professional headshots out there to inspire you. Try Googling your favourite model – they will most certainly have their own professional headshots, and you can use them to inspire and teach you how to get your own amazing photo.

Are you interested in becoming a model? Need a headshot? Get in touch with us today!

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