Pack Like a Pro: How Model’s Pack for Work Trips

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A model’s job requires her to travel all over the place. The most successful models travel around the world, and they must sometimes do so at a moments notice. It’s safe to say that models have perfected the art of packing quickly and lightly, ready to jump onto a plane whenever the need arises. 

Packing can be stressful. Weight must be taken into account, as well as the size of your case. Needless to say, the content is the most important part of all – and it’s vital a model doesn’t forget anything.

We’ve put together our top tips for anyone needing to pack quickly while also planning for all eventualities. 

Models Who Travel

Top models are constantly travelling for work. That might be via taxi or train, or often they need to catch a flight for overseas destinations. Runway models who must attend New York or Paris Fashion Week may find themselves dashing from place to place with little to no rest in between. Trips can take as little as a day or several weeks for complicated ongoing shoots or campaigns. Models must be flexible and ready for anything. They may be away from home for months, especially if they have back to back bookings. Homesickness is a real thing for many top models as they can often find themselves away for long periods of time. 

Models must learn to adapt to life on the road. This means they rely heavily on hotel laundry services to ensure their items are cleaned. They will often request laundry services to de-wrinkle their clothing upon arrival so they can hang clothes ready to be worn – travelling often puts creases in clothing (and a lot of designer clothing can’t be quickly shoved into a washing machine or ironed with a generic hotel room iron).

Models regularly receive brand new clothing and accessories through the mail, whether at home or when on the road. They may be asked to wear a certain outfit to attend a specific event, or they may be gifted items. Either way, many models must make sure they have additional suitcase space for extra items they may receive while working. 

Do Models Pack Light?

A model’s luggage will depend on the amount of work they have, the number of events they need to attend and clothes changes they need to make, and how long they are away from home for. Many models like to pack a “capsule wardrobe” – these are certain items that can be reworn and restyled for different looks. 

Nearly all models like to take a carry-on bag with them on flights so they have access to important items. They may also choose to pack a few key looks within their carry-on (and some underwear) in case their main luggage goes missing. They may then have an additional large suitcase, or two. 

Experienced models will be good at packing light for trips. No one likes to be dragging around heavy cases, so the lighter you pack, the more comfortable you will be. 

Carry-On Luggage

A model’s carry-on luggage will have all their most essential items:

– Important documents, including ID, passport and any work papers

– Purse/wallet

– Spare clothing and underwear (in case their main luggage goes missing)

– Skincare (cleanser, hydrating mists and moisturisers, SPF)

– Anti-bac hand wipes

– Tissues

– Lip balm

– Water

– Snacks (many models like to bring their own snacks so they can remain healthy)

– Hairbrush

– Concealer

– Sunglasses

– Eye mask and earplugs (so they can sleep during longer flights)

– Laptop, phone, chargers

– Books, magazines etc for entertainment

– Expensive or sentimental jewellery

– Toothbrush and toothpaste

– Deodorant, perfume

– A light jacket/hoodie or scarf/blanket in case it gets chilly on the plane

  • Plug adapters
  • Any important toiletries and medication

Like everyone, models like to dress comfortably when travelling, but they are also conscious to look good (it is, after all, their job!) Most models like to keep sunglasses and concealer in their bag to cover their tired, unmade-up eyes. They also like to wear comfortable but stylish outfits in case they are spotted at the airport. 

Packing for a 7 Day Work Trip

A 7-day work trip does not mean a model needs 7 outfits. Most often, a model may require 2 to 3 times that amount as they will be attending numerous events throughout a single day – and will therefore be changing clothes numerous times in a single 24 hour period. A model may also want to eat out in the evening with friends or attend certain shows, and these too will require certain outfits. 

The capsule wardrobe is a very handy styling technique for such occasions. A capsule wardrobe includes several pieces that can be restyled for other looks. This saves space and weight in the luggage. 

Models get sent items to borrow from brands and clients, so they might not need to pack every outfit themselves. 

They’ll also need to think about their location; colder destinations will require coats and boots, which take up more space than bikinis and sarongs. A good idea is to try and wear bulkier items on the plane.

A pair of fitted jeans and a nice t-shirt are always good staples. It’s tempting to pack a lot of stuff, but it’s simply not realistic; a model can not be expected to drag 5 heavy suitcases from hotel to hotel. They may be able to pay for a footman to help them, but often they will need to carry their own luggage – so it’s best to try and pack light, if possible. 

Select a suitcase that meets the airline’s requirements. These can differ from airline to airline, so it’s always important to check their individual T&C’s. Make sure you do this at least a week before you travel. 

You should also make sure to check your hotel’s amenities; do they have enough hangers for your clothes? Do they have an iron, towel or hairdryer? If they do, you might not need to pack your own. 

You can carry liquid if it is up to 100ml in your carry-on. Your liquids should fit into a clear bag measuring 20cm X 20cm. 

Your manicure set should be kept in your main luggage as scissors, tweezers and other sharp implements will not be allowed in your carry-on.

Choosing the Right Suitcase

Most top models are seen with designer or high-end brands like Romowa, Tumi and Bric’s. However, you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds for decent luggage – there are plenty of affordable options. It’s a good idea to choose a suitcase with a hard outer shell (aka shell suitcases) to protect the contents. The right suitcase should also be lightweight when empty – you don’t want to add additional pounds by buying a heavy, bulky case. 

Make sure your case has wheels – they’re essential if you want to make your life easier and less stressful at the airport!

How to Efficiently Pack a Suitcase

What you find efficient may differ to someone else, so it’s difficult to give blanket advice. 

Some people like to nearly fold and stack their clothing, while others prefer to roll their items up. Try both – rolling saves space and means you can add more to your case, but you may find your clothing slightly more crumpled when you arrive at your destination. 

Try to select a suitcase that will not have too much leftover space. It’s good to have a little space in case you purchase something while away, but too much space means you’re bringing an unnecessarily large suitcase and can afford to downsize. 

Try to wear chunkier items like boots or coats to save luggage space. 

Invest in a jewellery travel case to stop chains getting tangled up.

Check out the video below to see how top model Karlie Kloss packs her carry-on case:

Further Advice

– Make a list. Try not to just pack the night before – having a list will mean you won’t forget anything.

– Remember to have a luggage lock and keep the key safe

– Put your name and contact details on your luggage

– Try to stick to the same colour palette – this will make items more compatible together

– Add colour via accessories or make-up

– Try to pack versatile clothing

– Check the weather beforehand – you may not need that bulky parka

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