Rise of the Redhead: The Popularity of Ginger Models

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Ginger models have seen an incredible surge in demand of late. While ginger people only make up 2% of the world’s population, those with a red hair and blue eye combination are even more of a rarity. 

The high fashion industry is notoriously difficult to get into due to its strict requirements. Rare redheaded models that meet these standards are therefore a huge commodity. Their unique hair colour and pale skin set them apart from the sea of blondes and brunettes usually seen on the runway and in magazines. 

Read on to discover why natural redheads are so in demand, and what it takes to be a ginger model. 

Famous Ginger Models (& Celebs Known for Their Red Hair)

– Christina Hendricks

– Lily Cole

– Karen Elson

– Cintia Dicker

– Steven Meisel

– Julianne Moore

– Amy Adams

– Isla Fisher

– Prince Harry

– Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones character)

– Karen Gillan

– Ed Sheeran

– Emma Stone

– Cintia Dicker

– Julia Hafstrom

– Alexina Graham

– Rianne Van Rompaey

– Lily Cole

– Kiki Willems

– Georgie Hobday

– Maggie Rizer

Ginger models have seen a huge surge in demand.

Rare Hair Colour Demands Upkeep

Red hair is different to other hair types. Redheads tend to have less strands, but each strand is thicker. This means their hair can be more of a struggle to dye and bleach.

Redheads also don’t tend to go grey. Instead, their hair fades as the pigment depletes with age before turning white. Some redheads like to start using colour depositing conditioners when their colour starts to fade to keep it bright and shiny. 

If you’re dying your hair red, be warned that is it one of the most difficult colours to upkeep. It fades easily and is incredibly difficult to replicate, so make sure your stylist will keep the colour in stock for however long you plan to stay red. 

You’ll also want to think about using shampoos and conditioners that protect and enhance your bright red locks; Head & Shoulders and other harsher brands will strip the colour. 

Redheads Need to Look After Their Skin

We all need a decent skincare routine to look after our skin, but redheads must pay special attention. That’s because their skin is paler than most. They need a good SPF to wear each day to protect their delicate skin from sun damage and the premature ageing that can be caused by sun exposure. 

Redheads are more susceptible to sun damage and burns, as well as melanoma (skin cancer). Sun cream is therefore a safety measure as well as a beauty protector. 

Pale skin also freckles easily. When younger, freckles are mostly found across the nose, but as redheads age their freckles can begin to blend together and spread. Vitamin C is a great ingredient that can help to fade unwanted dark spots and hyperpigmentation as well as freckles. 

There are different types of SPF’s for each part of the body. Redheads should also consider using lip and eye SPF’s, as well as hair and scalp SPF’s to protect their scalps from burning in the sun. You can also buy SPF’s that act as setting sprays which can be topped up over make-up during the day. Try popping a handy stick SPF in your bag for on-the-go touch-ups.


We’ve mentioned SPF, but there are other ways redheads should use to look after their skin. Sunglasses are a great way to protect the delicate eye area. They also help prevent squinting which can lead to premature wrinkles. It’s a good idea to keep a spare pair of sunglasses in the car or handbag so you don’t get caught out.

Some ginger models also like to keep driving gloves in the car to stop sun exposure on the hands. The hands are prone to ageing quickly because they are constantly exposed, and frequent washing and use mean any SPF we apply gets washed off during the day. Some hand creams have SPF in, but driving gloves will keep them protected any time you’re travelling in the car. 

Sun hats are another stylish and handy way to keep the sun off the face, neck and shoulders – areas prone to burning. Some make-up, too, contains SPF, though this shouldn’t be used alone because the coverage is not enough for adequate protection.

Stay Hydrated

Like everyone, ginger models need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. This will keep the skin, hair and nails nourished and healthy while also keeping the body healthy and happy. 

Vitamin D

Redheads absorb more Vitamin D through their skin than other people. However, protecting the skin with SPF’s and shade means redheads don’t often get the adequate amount of vitamin D needed for optimum health.

In the winter, ginger models need to think about taking a vitamin D supplement, especially if they live in a cloudy climate like the UK. Ginger models can find themselves deficient in vitamin D fairly easily, so it’s a good supplement to keep in the cupboard year-round. 

Brow and Lash Care

Redheads have naturally paler hair on their bodies and faces than other people. While this means they can go longer periods between shaving their legs and under-arms, it also means their brows and lashes can appear nearly invisible when not covered in makeup. 

Many ginger models choose to tint their brows and lashes a brown colour so they appear more visible. Noticeable brows can really frame the face, while darker lashes bring attention to the eyes. 

Tints can be done at home but it’s always best to go to a professional if you’re new to tinting your hair. Always do a patch test first. 

Heat Protection

Ginger models should always try to use heat protection when styling their precious locks. Shampoo and conditioner can also help to prevent damage. Regular trims will keep split ends at bay and ensure hair is healthy and well-maintained. 

Make the Most of Your Hair

Red hair comes in so many different shades and tones, but sometimes highlights and lowlights can help to elevate the colour even further. Alternatively, you can try a sun spray so that the sun naturally helps to bleach and bring out the colour. 

Choose Make-up Carefully

Ginger models have very specific colouring, and it can be difficult to get properly colour-matched. It’s highly recommended that you go to a proper make-up artist or make-up counter assistant to get matched. Foundation and concealer in particular can be difficult to get right if you’re not experienced with make-up, and the last thing you want is a noticeably orange face. 

You’ll also need to consider eyeshadows. Some colours will clash more than others, and some undertones will be better matched to your specific hair and skin colour. 

If you have freckles, you might want to choose a lighter foundation, CC, BB or tinted moisturiser so they don’t get covered. Alternatively, there are now plenty of freckle-inspired make-up items like tints and pencils on the market to help you re-apply freckles. 

You’ll want to think about mascara and brow shades, too. Some ginger models prefer to use brown mascaras rather than black because black can sometimes look a bit harsh. There are plenty of brow products on the market now to help you find the ideal shade; if in doubt, try a light blonde or taupe shade rather than trying to find a red-tinted shade to match your hair. 

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  1. Lori Pope on October 7, 2022 at 5:50 pm

    I have a blue eyed, red head, no freckles son who is turning 15 in November. He’s interested in doing some modeling. Please contact me. We are based in Duluth, MN

    • Helen Jones on April 24, 2023 at 6:41 pm

      I am 58 years old. And I have naturally red hair with green eyes. I also have freckles. I am very proud of my red hair & very grateful that I don’t have to dye it at my age.

  2. Adalyn Baldridge on November 25, 2022 at 9:20 pm

    I used to be ashamed of being different but this article plus some other statistics I’ve read today have really inspired me to embrace my uniqueness! Thank you! Maybe you will see me on a runway some day too.

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