Pros and Cons of Child Modelling

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Are you thinking about getting your kid into child modelling?

Brands look for children to help create engaging content to push sales and drive traffic. One of the best ways to do this is to hire people who reflect their target audience. In a toy shop’s or holiday brochures case, that means looking for friendly, energetic children to help promote their products and services. 

Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to help a child into the world of modelling.

Pros of Child Modelling

Modelling agencies are always on the lookout for new faces to sign. A casting director at a modelling talent agency will look for a great personality as well as a naturally good-looking, photogenic kid. Children can appear as models in adverts in publications and on TV commercials as well as brochures, billboards and even on the runway.

There are a lot of benefits to child modelling, for both the child and the parents:

1. Exposure to the world

Children need to be exposed to the world. While some people may worry that modelling is competitive and therefore a tough industry to inflict upon a sensitive child, it can actually really help to build their maturity levels and introduce them to the real world. 

That’s not to say it isn’t extremely important to protect your child’s mental health and general well-being; an overly-sensitive child may struggle with the rejection that is part and parcel of the modelling industry. It’s down to the parent or guardian of that child to decide whether a career in modelling is worth doing. 

Modelling can be great fun and introduces the child to lots of new people. Child model agencies will be experienced with working with young people, helping them to feel relaxed and comfortable. 

2. Builds confidence

Experience in front of the camera at a photoshoot can help to build a child’s confidence. Exposing a child to the world of modelling will introduce them to lots of different people that they otherwise won’t have been able to meet. Children involved in modelling tend to have better self-esteem than those who aren’t involved in competitions. 

3. Develops good work ethic

At some point, your child will grow and will have to get a job. Modelling as a child gives your child a soft introduction to the workplace, including what is expected of them. A child model will have to work alongside their school work, so they will need to be good at managing their time and other commitments. A person who manages to learn this from a young age will have a better foundation for the future. 

This also allows them to develop a good work attitude because the work environment won’t be completely new to them. This puts them at an advantage to be able to build a strong career for themselves in the future. 

4. Understanding and coping with rejection

From auditions to the modelling jobs themselves, rejection is a huge part of the modelling industry. Anyone involved with fashion must understand that they won’t get accepted for everything. Each modelling job will require an audition, and as the modelling industry is extremely competitive, it’s likely you’ll be up against hundreds of other hopeful individuals. 

It’s not personal if you don’t get accepted; the brand and agencies have a very specific idea of who they’re looking for, and it’s likely you just haven’t fit the bill. Some adults struggle with this concept, let alone children – but a child who understands this from an early age can learn to deal with rejection in a healthy way, learning and growing from the experience rather than allowing them to make them feel despondent or sad. 

5. Savings

Introducing your child to a money-making hobby from a young age enables you to put away savings for their future. This can help contribute to future cars, housing or University bills. 

Cons of Child Modelling

Child modelling has lots of wonderful positives, but there are also some cons to consider if you’re considering getting your child into modelling:

1. Takes lots of your time

Modelling is a time-consuming job. While photoshoots only take a few hours of time, you also need to take into consideration travel time (as well as costs), plus auditions and casting calls. 

It takes a lot of the parent/guardians’ time, as well as the child’s. You’ll need to legally be with them each step of the journey, and you will need to chaperone them to and from interviews and different jobs. In the UK, modelling jobs and agencies are typically located in major cities like London, Manchester and Liverpool, so if you don’t live in one of these areas, be prepared for a lot of travelling.

2. It must be prioritised 

Modelling interviews and jobs must be prioritised, and this can mean cancelling plans last minute. 

This also means that you will need a good relationship with your child’s school, as they may need to take the odd day off. They will be expected to catch up on school work in their spare time; are they willing and happy to do this?

3. Stressful/high pressure

Modelling can be stressful for adults, let alone children. While child modelling agencies and brands do tend to be more relaxed and friendly to ensure children feel comfortable, there are still deadlines to meet – so there will still be an element of pressure. 

Moreover, children may have to work long or difficult hours. 

4. Looking good

Models need to look good all the time. They don’t have the luxury of gaining the standard cuts and bruises many kids receive in childhood. Weight and cleanliness are also important. You will have to arrange hairdresser appointments consistently, ensure their nails are cut short and kept clean, and that their clothing is pristine for auditions and jobs.

5. Media scrutiny

In can be difficult for children to be in the spotlight; it will make them stand out at school and they may hate that. If they become fairly recognisable, they may also have to deal with media scrutiny which can be stressful for adults, let alone children.

Is Child Modelling Worth It?

The bottom line is that it is the parent’s responsibility and decision as to whether their child is a good fit for modelling. The right character will have a very positive experience and will gain many benefits from modelling, but the wrong character may struggle and find it stressful.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether they’re right for it or not. Children of all ages are required in modelling, so even if they’re not suitable now, they may grow into a child who has lots of model potential and is perfect for posing in front of the camera. Successful children may even have a great modelling career ahead of them in the world of fashion.

You can always try booking in for a professional photo shoot so your child can experience it without the pressure of working and see for yourself whether it’s a viable career path for them or not.

Are you interested in getting your child into modelling? Why not register with us today!


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