The Pros and Cons of Fashion Modelling

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Modelling may be a highly sought-after job, but it’s not all glamour, fame and fortune. For many, modelling is a gruelling job with little payback, particularly if you’re just starting out.

Here are the pros and cons of fashion modelling.

Pros of Fashion Modelling

Let’s start with the positives. There are many great reasons to get into modelling; it’s not an aspirational career for nothing!

The positive aspects of modelling include the following.

Working in Fashion

As a model, you may get to work with some of the best brands in the world. If you’re interested in fashion and cosmetics, you may even have the opportunity to work with your favourite companies which can be great fun and may even provide you with some freebies.

The Pros and Cons of Fashion Modelling

Fashion Shows

Many people want to work in modelling purely so they can take part in fashion shows. From London Fashion Week to Paris and New York, fashion shows are some of the best places to find your favourite supermodels. The catwalk is an undeniably exciting place to be.

Photo Shoots

Photoshoots can be a really fun part of a modelling career. All eyes will be on you as you pose artistically in front of the camera.

Top Quality Photos of You

You’ll have the top people in the business capturing you at your absolute best. It can be an amazing feeling to know you are working with the top professionals, and that your beauty is captured for all to see; you certainly won’t be short of photos to use for your social media profile pictures!

Meeting Industry Experts

As a model, you’ll have the opportunity to meet hundreds of interesting people. Many of these will be at the top of their industries – top make-up artists, award-winning designers and photographers and hair stylists etc. Networking is a really important part of growing as a model, so you’ll need to be ready to mix and chat with lots of people. You’ll also be working with strangers a lot of the time, so be ready to win over fresh faces at any moment.


With your face on billboards, in magazines and on TV, you may be a celebrity in your own right if you do well in modelling.


Top models can make a lot of money not just by modelling, but by collaborating with big brands once they become recognisable. Supermodel Linda Evangelista once said she didn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day!


Successful models are given the opportunity to travel all around the world for work.

Provides Other Opportunities

Modelling can often open doors of opportunity elsewhere. Many top models choose to start their own businesses, while many (e.g. Kendall Jenner) make a lot of money just by posting online and becoming social media influencers.

Early Access

Modelling provides you with early access to the best designer clothes, shoes and accessories. Places and events will often invite you for opening evenings too – think hotels, restaurants and fancy bars.

PTs & Nutritionists

A model’s job is to look their best, so they get access to the top personal trainers and nutritionists in the world. With this knowledge, you’ll have the power to achieve the best physique of your life.

You’ll Meet Famous People

Being successful as a model means you’ll get the opportunity to rub shoulders with other a-listers.

You Don’t Need a Degree to Model

Unlike other professions, you don’t need a fancy degree or even much of an education to get into modelling. You also don’t need to go to a modelling school. It is advisable that you have some knowledge about business and the fashion industry so you understand how things work – you can then use this to your advantage.

Cons of Fashion Modelling

The negative aspects of modelling include the following:

Not Earning Much (At Least to Begin With)

You won’t earn a lot of money as a model, to begin with. In fact, many models choose to work part-time so they can still cover their bills each month while they build their portfolio and experience. Work isn’t set, so earnings will vary from week to week; only model full-time when you are absolutely confident you are earning enough each and every month.

No Set Hours

Set days and hours are a thing of the past in modelling. You may be required to work at a moment’s notice, and weekends will undoubtedly also need covering from time to time. You may be needed early in the morning, or late into the evening. It’s not a regular 9 to 5 job!

Watching What You Eat

Models need to look good year-round, and that means they constantly have to monitor their food intake and their exercise regimes. This isn’t always fun – they can’t often give in to cravings for takeaways or high-calorie treats.

Many models also end up with issues around food and calories; unhealthy habits can be formed and these can be very difficult to break.

Exercise is a Must

While many people enjoy exercising, for anyone who doesn’t, modelling isn’t going to be particularly enjoyable. That’s because models need to work out constantly in order to stay trim and shape their muscles and physiques. Workouts tend to ramp up ahead of big shows and jobs; some models claim to be working out twice a day, 7 days a week! We don’t advise this without the support and advice of a professional trainer.

Long Hours

Modelling can often be long hours, with plenty of waiting around. It can actually be very tedious and boring; you have to sit and wait while make-up and hair are applied, you have to sit and wait while photographers and set producers sort things out, you have to sit and wait between shoots… basically, there’s an awful lot of sitting and waiting. Many models like to bring a book or something else to keep them occupied.

You’ll also be on your feet in uncomfortable high heels a lot of the time.

No Creative Control

As a model, you are a canvas. That means you won’t get any say in creative choices. Your make-up, hair and outfits are not up to you – but it is your job to make them look good regardless of whether or not you personally like the styling.

No Privacy

Top models really struggle to have any privacy in their lives, even when they’re not working. Everyone wants to know what they’re up to, what they’re wearing, where they’re going… it’s relentless and unavoidable once you become a certain level of fame.


There’s a lot of pressure as a model to look good all the time. Popping to the shops, waiting around at the airport, even just walking down the street – you will be judged.

Online Negativity

Anyone in the public eye must suffer the negativity and criticism that comes with having a familiar face. This is often cruel, unfounded and harsh. You will have to develop a thick skin.


The modelling industry is extremely competitive, with hundreds of girls often interviewing for the same single position. You’ll find yourself being compared to other girls constantly and you will have to work hard to focus on yourself and keep your confidence intact.


Modelling is not a long-term job. Many top high fashion models have to retire before the age of 30 because the industry just isn’t interested in working with people who are out of their teens and early 20s. Models in commercial modelling may find themselves with a longer career, but only if their looks remain relevant.

No Job Security

Modelling has virtually no job security. You’re in the job as long as your looks are relevant – and in an ever-changing industry, there is no guarantee your looks will still be deemed fashionable from one week to the next.

Constantly Away

As a model, you may struggle with loneliness. Modelling requires you to be away from loved ones for many days, sometimes weeks, at a time. While initially fun, this can soon become tiresome, especially if you are a homebody.

Hard Work

Modelling is hard work! It’s not all standing around looking pretty; there’s a lot of work that goes behind the scenes to make it appear effortless.


Priority is given to those who already have a foothold in the industry. This usually means models who come from celebrity or model parentage. If you’re completely new to the industry, you will struggle to get a look-in.

Relies on Luck

Being a successful model relies hugely on luck. Only 1% of the population has the necessary body type and facial features for high fashion, and only a select few are fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to be scouted by a modelling agency.

Having Children is Frowned Upon

Having children should be an exciting and rewarding time, but as a model, this could mean the end of your career. There’s no guarantee your body will “bounce back” to the way it was, and there is an unspoken requirement that models (and most women, generally) should bounce back quickly and naturally after pregnancy – a very ridiculous notion, considering what the body has just been through. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is in the fashion industry.

Sacrifices Must Be Made

You need to be extremely flexible as a model. You may need to reschedule plans or even abandon them completely in order to attend last-minute casting calls or jobs. As a model, you will spend a lot of time either at interviews trying to get cast or at jobs – so your social life is likely to suffer.

Difficult to Get Signed

The success of your career path as a model on getting signed to a modelling agency. Unfortunately, agencies receive thousands of applications each week, making it extremely difficult to stand out.


There are a lot of scams in the industry preying on impressionable young girls who are keen to get into the modelling industry but ignorant of how to do so. Make sure you always double-check any brands and agencies you work with and never sign any paperwork until you have read and understood it thoroughly.

Other Difficulties

Models can face other difficulties in the workplace including sexual harassment, feeling the pressure to model with little/no clothing, or working for brands, clothing lines, people (like fashion designers) and companies you don’t like or agree with. Top models have also spoken out about the cattiness seen within the fashion world, and the ridiculous expectations to always look perfect (even though, as humans, none of us are perfect). Each body part will be scrutinised and this can affect even the most confident of people.

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