What Is a Modelling Z-Card, and Do You Need One?

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There aren’t many tools that both aspiring models and professional models require to succeed in the fashion industry. A modelling portfolio is perhaps the most well-known and vital tool, but have you heard of the z-card? A model can find many more work opportunities with a z-card. But what is it, and how vital is it to a model’s success?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the z-card. 

What is a Z-Card?

A z-card is a small business-card like object that a model keeps with them at all times. On it, you can find the model’s work details like their name, measurements, shoe and dress size and their contact information.

A z-card also features a couple of the model’s best work photos. 

A models will carry several of these cards around and use them to help network and make good contacts in the industry. It’s a very professional and memorable way to ensure people remember you when a modelling opportunity comes up. 

Why Do Models Have Z-Cards?

Z-cards make life easier for models. Rather than having to hope people remember your details, and rather than a model having to quickly find a piece of paper and a pen to scribble things down, the z-card allows a quick and fluid exchange of information that may help the model find work in the future. 

As the z-card also has several of the model’s best modelling photos on too, the model doesn’t have to carry around their often bulky and cumbersome portfolio at all times, nor do they have to quickly find photos on their website to show potential future employees that they meet while at a social function. 

The z-card can be handed out to anyone relevant in the industry including photographers, art directors, agency workers, make-up artists, hair stylists, shoot managers, hiring agencies. You never know who could help you bag your next big modelling contract, so it’s best to try and make a good impression on everyone you meet. 

Networking is a vital part of modelling as the industry is quite nepotistic and tends to favour those that already have a foot in the door. The z-card makes this job much easier as you can hand out your information at a moments notice. Remember – every time you meet someone new is an opportunity to network. 

Your z-card may be your first or last interaction with someone important. It’s therefore vital that your z-card stands out and is of a professional quality. 

What the Z-Card Should Look Like

Obviously, the photos featured on your z-card MUST be high-quality. These images will be small (several must fit onto a credit-card size card – that’s about a6 size/a7 size), so try to choose photos with clear backgrounds and nothing that is too distracting or busy. Choose photos that flatter and enhance one another, if you can, but that also show some of your range and expertise as a model. 

If you are a beginner, you may not yet have any photos from a photoshoot. You may want to book in with a professional photographer to get some high-quality photos that you can use in your portfolio and on your z-cards. 

The text on your z-card must be in a clear font that can be read and absorbed at a glance – now is not the time to use fancy scripts. Don’t try to cram as much information on there as possible. Think about using bullet points to make each point as easy to read as possible. 

Fancy Touches

Some people like to go that extra mile and add a fancy touch to their z-cards. These can include soft touch lamination to make the cards feel nice to the touch.

The more optional extras you add, the more pricey your cards will be. The quantity you order will also affect the price; usually, the more you buy, the more competitive rates you will have. 

Try to think about which niche of marketing you most want to attract (e.g. fitness, plus-size, alternative), and cater your photos to that audience and market. 

Finishing touches include the thickness of the paper, the type of finish (glossy, matt, soft), and other design details. A graphic designer or a member of the online team will be able to help you with the final design and the overall layout.

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