What It Takes to Be a Male Underwear Model

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Sexy portrait of a very muscular male model in underwear

Have you ever wondered what goes into being a male underwear model? Standing around in your underwear might appear glamorous, but there is a lot of work that goes into it behind the scenes. Good skin, excellent physique and a great smile are just some of the necessary qualities a modelling agency looks for.

Read on to find out what it takes to be a male underwear model. 

You Don’t Make Much Money

It would be easy to assume that male underwear models make thousands of pounds from their chosen profession – but this is rarely the case. Many underwear models only make a few hundred per shoot – rarely, they can make a thousand or more. 

Many male underwear models also struggle to find work for other companies if they are seen working for one specific brand. 

A lot of well-known undrwear models still have regular jobs and see modelling as a side hussle. Don’t pin all your hopes of being a famous, well-off model if you plan to be an underwear model. Make sure to have other interests and ways you can pay your bills. 

You Have to Take Care of Your Body

Naturally, as your physique is the main part of your job, you have to take care of it. That means eating clean and dairly workouts. 

A tight body with an athletic frame doesn’t come naturally for many; so several hours each day must be spent working out doing both cardio to burn fat and resistance training to build muscle. There is a fine line, because underwear models don’t want to appear too muscley but they also don’t want to have too much fat on their frame. 

Treats and “cheat meals” are few and far between, too. Most have a fairly strict diet centered around fresh vegetables, plenty of protein and minimal complex carbs. 

You Have to Focus on Your Skincare

Your skin needs to be looking great year-round. That means investing both time and money into a decent skincare routine not only to protect your looks, but also to enhance them. 

Skincare can be a bit of a minefield, so it’s not unusual for male models to go to the pros. There, they can have their unique skin assessed, and they will be recommended specific ingredients and products that are targeted at any specific skincare concerns they may have. That may be acne, redness, uneven skintone, dryness, oiliness. 

If you don’t have any specific skincare concerns, your routine should be avoid protecting and enhancing the skin you already have. Clean your face every morning with clean warm water, and follow up with a moisturiser containing a high SPF to protect skin from sun damage.

In the evening, use a cleanser to remove any dirt, grime and leftover SPF from your face, then follow with a nighttime moitsudier – these tend to be thicker than daytime moisturisers as the cell turnover in the skin speeds up at night.

You’ll also need to avoid sugar as much as possible as it has a drying quality. It’s also known to bind to and destory collagen molecules – and collagen is what keeps our skin youthful and elastic.

Male underwear models also need to drink plenty of water to keep their skin hydrated from the inside out. 

Some models tend to go even further with their skincare, often looking into more permanent solutions to ageing like Botox and other cosmetic procedures. 

Haircare is Important, Too

You need to take care of your hair (if you have any). That means ensuring it is hydrated and not showing any greys. You’ll have to have it styled a lot as a model, so try to protect it the best you can by using heat protection sprays and moisturising conditioners and masks. 

Your facial, chest hair and “downstairs” hair is also important. You’ll need to regularly maintain and trim stray hairs, and keep it all at a tidy length. Some models may even get waxed regularly, and they may go to a barber to get a professional tidy-up if they have a decent beard. A patchy, discoloured beard will not land you work; be prepared to shave off any hair for photoshoots if they request it. 

Photos May Include “Enhancements”

It’s true what you’ve heard; the aesthetic “bulge” commonly associated with under modelling is often fake. You don’t need a naturally large package to be an underwear model. 

This can be done in post-production, but more often than not, silicone rings are provided to be worn by the model. Even men who are naturally blessed are told to wear them. 


The world of underwear modelling is extremely fierce, and you’ll be up against some big competition. You’ll need lots of self-confidence and be able to brush off any negativity. 

Finding a modelling agency is one of the most difficult aspects. You’ll be up against hundreds, if not thousands of other hopeful models, and you’ll need to stand out from all of them to be considered. Have a strong modelling portfolio and make sure you network to boost your chances of success.

Famous Underwear Models (and Celebs Who Have Modelled Underwear)

Tyson Beckford

Travis Fimmel

Jamie Dornan

Mark Wahlberg

Hidetoshi Nakata

Justin Bieber

Tyson Ballou

David Beckham

Fabio Mancini

Pietro Boselli

Garrett Neff

Oliver Cheshire

Male Models Wear Makeup

If you’re an aspiring male model with little experience of the industry, it may come as a surprise to you to know that male models are also required to wear makeup and fake tan on set. Thought of as ‘grooming‘ or ‘beauty supplies’, many male models spend a lot of their own money on these sorts of products so they can look their very best at all times. Wrinkles and an aged face will lose you potential work, even if your body meets the aestheic criteria demanded by high fashion agencies. 

Products like concealers and tinted moisturisers, as well as lash curlers, tweezers, teeth whitening, anti-wrinkle serums and nose/ear/brow hair trimmers can all usually be found in a male model’s bathroom cabinet. 

Many Male Underwear Models Have Other Aspirations

A lot of male models get into the business of underwear modelling to give them other opportunities elsewhere. Many go on to become actors or TV presenters. Modelling gives many men the chance to discover new ventures.

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