Travelling Essentials for Models

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Successful models will find themselves constantly on the move for work. Whether it’s a quick train ride or a whole flight away, models are expected to make it to whatever job, event, interview or function they are invited to or working at.

For many of us, travelling can be exciting and fun – but for others, it can be stressful and tiresome. Travelling for work can feel a bit like a mixture of the two. But to help alleviate the stress of travelling, models have perfected the travel essentials that make travelling that little bit easier. 

Read on to find out about travelling essentials for models. 

Short and Long Journeys

If you’ve got to attend an interview, it’s likely to take place in a major city in your own country. Many models choose to live near cities for this reason, because it means less time spent travelling. However, if you make it big, you’ll be expected to travel not only all over the country, but all over the world. 

Jobs can take a single day, or weeks. A model should know how to pack quickly and efficiently – check out our packing tips for models here

Let’s take a look at what a model generally takes when travelling shorter distances. 

travelling essentials for models

Shorter Journeys 

Short journeys may take place in a car, taxi, underground or train. Taxis are most expensive, but they allow door-to-door travel which can be very handy. In today’s climate with Covid, taxis are also somewhat healthier and safer than public travel. Top models will usually have this paid for them by their modelling agency or the brand they are working for. 

For beginner models, they may have to choose public transport to get around. This is particularly handy in major cities where buses, trains and underground systems are generally very dependable. 

A model may take some of the following on a short journey:

– A face mask and hand sanitiser. Due to the current pandemic, safety is a priority – no one wants to get sick or unintentionally spread illness around. A face mask and hand sanitiser helps prevent the spread of Covid. Models may have to do a Covid test before travelling to prove they haven’t got it, especially if they need to travel abroad. 

– Snacks. Models tend to eat very healthily, and this can be difficult when on the move. To prevent hunger and unhealthy snacking, many models like to carry a snack and water with them. Protein bars, fruit and nuts are all easy to transport, light and healthy options.

– Reusable water bottle and/or coffee cup. Models like to carry water with them to stay hydrated, and many are very ethical, choosing to carry their own refillable water bottle around with them rather than purchasing single-use plastics. Similarly, if a model is purchasing a coffee on the go, they may choose to bring their own reusable mug/cup to prevent waste.

– Phone and portable charger. For many, a mobile phone is an important tool. Not only does it keep you in contact with anyone at a moment’s notice, but it’s also a map, camera, marketing tool, information hub and more. Models need their phone for work, so it’s an important thing to remember when travelling. Some models will also carry a portable charger with them, just in case their phone runs out of juice. 

– Notebook/journal/diary/book. Lots of models like to carry something with them to write in or read from. Travelling can be boring, and models travel so often that sometimes it can feel like wasting precious time that could be spent working or learning. Journalling is very popular at the moment, and many models claim to enjoy it. A notebook is also handy to write reminders in and to keep track of to-dos. 

– Purse. Like everyone, a model needs their purse when travelling so they can purchase things. They may also need their ID for work. 

– Deodorant or fragrance. A lot of models like to carry a miniature deodorant or perfume to ensure they smell fresh and sweet, no matter how rushed off their feet (and potentially sweaty!) they are. 

– Sunglasses. Sunglasses are a staple for a number of reasons. Firstly, they protect the eyes and the delicate skin from sun damage. Secondly, they provide the model with some privacy in case they are seen/recognised by the press or public. Thirdly, it allows the model to go make-up free without feeling self-conscious about how they look. Fourthly, they’re a fashionable item and can elevate an outfit. 

Long Journeys

Long journeys mean more essentials for models to feel comfortable and ensure they have everything they need, no matter where the destination. 

As well as all the items required for a shorter travelling time, a longer journey can see a model carrying the following:

– Passport. A long journey abroad will require this vital document. 

– Outfit change. Many models like to dress comfortably when travelling, but a lot of them like to carry another outfit in their carry-on for them to change into once they arrive at their destination. This could include a nice pair of jeans and a clean, uncrumpled top. 

– Layers. Whether a scarf, blanket, jacket, jumper or cardigan, it’s a good idea to bring a layer to stay warm. Planes in particular can get cold.

–  Toiletries bag. This bag will contain things like lip balm, soap, mini shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste and a toothbrush. It can be nice to refreshen yourself after a long flight. Travelling can also make the skin dry; it’s a good idea to keep some moisturiser on you, as well as make-up removing wipes or a cleanser. 

– Eye mask. If a model is flying or travelling overnight, an eye/sleep mask can help the model to get some rest. It also provides the model with a bit of privacy. 

– Ear plugs. Ear plugs can help to cancel out any unwanted noise so the model can rest. They’re also great to indicate to others the model doesn’t feel like chatting. 

– Meals. Many models choose to pack their own nutritious meals to prevent them from choosing unhealthier options when travelling. Salads packed with fibre, protein and slow-release carbs are always a favourite.

– Laptop and charger. A model will likely bring their laptop during long-distance travelling for a number of reasons. Firstly, they may require it for work – answering e-mails. writing letters, and other things that can be annoying to do on a phone. Secondly, you can watch Netflix or go online to stay entertained. 

– Entertainment. Books, magazines, a tablet, other electronic gadgets… travelling can be boring if you’re not behind the wheel, so it’s always a good idea to bring something along to keep you entertained or otherwise engaged. 

– Noise canceling headphones. These will help cancel out sound around you and help you to focus on whatever it is you’re listening to. 

– Compression socks. Travelling via planes constantly can be bad for your circulation. Compression socks help to keep the blood flow healthy. 

-Make-up. You might not get any rest during your travels, and you might need to head straight to your job/interview. Make-up can help hide tiredness or blemishes, as well as highlight your best features.

– Neck pillow. A neck pillow supports the neck for models who wish to get a bit of shut-eye while travelling.

Model Work Essentials

That’s all a model’s comforts out the way – but don’t forget, there’s plenty a model must carry with them that’s work-related. These include the following:

– Modelling portfolio. Your modelling portfolio is essential to bring with you when meeting modelling agencies and new brands. Your portfolio showcases your previous work and experience – it’s a bit like your CV, only with photos instead of words. 

– Z-cards. Z-cards are a handy little tool to help make networking easier. They’re credit-card-sized business cards with your modelling information on (like your measurements and contact details), as well as a few photos. 

– Heels. It’s always a good idea to bring a pair of heels in your size that you know you can walk in when attending a casting call/job interview. Sometimes, brand or agencies will not have shoes in your size to hand. They may ask you to walk in shoes that are too small or too big – which could jeopardize your chances of making a good first impression. Bring your own and don’t risk it!

– Nude underwear. If you’ve got a job or interview to attend, you’ll more than likely be asked to try on clothing. This clothing could have been tried on by hundreds of people before you, and it’s unlikely to have been cleaned between tries. Bringing your own underwear is hygienic, especially if you’re asked to wear swimwear or underwear. Nude underwear will also be less visible under clothing.

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